Your Taurus December Horoscope Is Here

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Welcome to December, Taurus. You've nearly survived 2021. At the end of last month, you felt bold enough to ask for what you wanted in bed. Perhaps you tried a fetish for the first time. While you don't always flaunt your sexuality, you're a very sensual sign, and tend to attract romantic attention. In its home sign of Pisces, the dreamy planet Neptune's been retrograde since Friday, June 25. During this time, you identified illusions in your life. Are you really into your crush, or are you simply bored? When the planet goes direct on Wednesday, December 1, you'll finally receive mental clarity. This transit could mean ending a romance with someone you're stringing along or finally confessing your feelings to someone who deserves them. 

You're ruled by Venus, the planet and goddess of love, beauty, and abundance, darling Taurus. You're used to being pestered by lovers, but that doesn't make it any less stressful, especially around the holidays. Use Saturday, December 4, to stay in and catch up on self-care. There's a new moon and solar eclipse in loud Sagittarius. Eclipses are infamous for causing chaos, so lay low with your pet, a comfy robe, and your favorite television shows. Don't you love having a reason to do nothing but relax? 

You're inspired to use direct communication instead of passive aggression from now on, and all of your relationships thank you for it. 

Rest up while you can because, on Monday, December 13, you must revisit your relationship with confrontation. The fighter planet Mars enters bossy Sagittarius and your 8th House of Sex, Death, and Transformation. Romantic shakeups earlier this month affected you. As a result, you're reconsidering the best communication tactics so that you can make your love life as healthy as possible. Also, on Monday, December 13, the messenger planet Mercury enters mature Capricorn. You're inspired to use direct communication instead of passive aggression from now on, and all of your relationships, not just the romantic ones, thank you for it. 

Your attention turns to professional matters during the full moon in Gemini on Saturday, December 18. Gemini is a sign that likes to stay busy, and full moons are potent times for manifestation. Tie up loose ends on work projects. You'll feel calmer after completing your checklist, so take advantage of this motivating lunation. 

If all of those other people get to have a happy and healthy romantic life, why not you, too? 

On Sunday, December 19, the lovely Venus goes retrograde, where it will stay until Saturday, January 29. While Venus is retrograde, avoid making any changes to your appearance. So, if you want to dye your hair a festive new color, do it early in the month to be safe. Venus retrograde can also make dating more stressful. However, as long as you implement the healthy communication tactics you learned earlier this month, you should be fine. 

Sunday, December 19, isn't all bad news. The comet Chiron, known as the "wounded healer," ends its retrograde and goes direct in confident Aries. Over the past few weeks, you've been tending to your trauma, ideally with the help of a therapist. So when Chiron goes direct, you're ready to let go of your baggage and stay present in your love life. Remember, lovely Taurus, if all of those other people get to have a happy and healthy romantic life, why not you, too? 

You can reach all of your goals, hardworking Taurus. 

Ambitious Capricorn season begins on Tuesday, December 21. This date is also the Winter Solstice, which is the shortest day of the year. Use the magnificent dark skies for sitting, meditating, and planning for the year ahead. Practice a solstice ritual by writing down professional and personal goals on a sheet of paper in candlelight. Leave the list out in view of the night sky, and when you wake up, tape it somewhere you see it every day, such as on your desk. You can reach all of your goals, hardworking Taurus. 

The year comes to a close when the lucky planet Jupiter enters creative Pisces on Tuesday, December 28. You may begin to tick items off that list more quickly than you expected. This transit sprinkles lucky stardust all over the social status section of your chart. Circle this date in your calendar, because you may receive an encouraging email from a boss, or simply a surge of creative firepower. And if you don't hear any good news? Well, blame it on the busy holidays and know that opportunities await in the new year. Stay safe, and see you in 2022. 

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