Young women to prevent rarer with the pill

How to prevent sexually active adults in Germany? This question is a study of the Federal centre answered for health education: 47 percent use the pill, and 46 percent use condoms. Thus, the main methods of contraception remain like this, with the use of Condoms is increasing and the pill drops.

Pill and condom are the main contraceptive in Germany, as the result of a survey conducted among 992 sexually active women and men aged 18 to 49 years of age. Compared to 2011, the use of Condoms has increased by 9 percent, while the has taken off the pill by 6 percent. However, this development was seen in the 18-29-Year-olds: In this case, use of the contraceptive pill has fallen from 72 to 56 percent.

As a reason for a critical attitude towards the use of hormonal contraception has been mentioned, Almost half of the respondents were of the opinion that the hormones would have a negative impact on the body and the soul, and 55 percent held the application over many years is cause for concern. Condoms were used often because of the low side effects.

On the positive side, more and more people feel well informed: During 2011, 55 percent of the opinion to know very well about their method of contraception know it was 2018, 63 percent. You Know women are predominantly (80 percent) sourced from your wife’s doctors and physicians, in men, the information from the Internet (40 percent) came from family members or friends (40 percent) or in school (38 percent).