You will need to use the mouth-nose protection right

In the corona of crisis, have chosen some municipalities and States for a mask mandatory in various public places. The Rest of the Republic, the Bear is also recommended by self-made masks, or other makeshift materials “urgent”. What is the self-made oral promises of protection and how it really is worn.

How do I draw the mask right on and off?

The Federal Institute for drugs and medical devices (BfArM) advises to wash in front of the Tightening hands thoroughly with soap. Pathogens, the bears may be on the hands, not of the kidneys the inner side of the mask contamination. After the take Off the mask, it is advisable to wash the hands, “even if the Chance to actually have the Virus to mask or hands, given the number of the Infected is currently relatively low,” says Sebastian Lemmen, infectious disease Loge at the University hospital Aachen.


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How do I wear the mask, right?

The mask should cover the mouth and nose, and tight to the cheeks of the concerns, so that as little air can penetrate at the sides. The BfArM recommends the mask to sell or to exchange, if the fabric is soaked through.

How often can I wear the mask?

The self-made protection can be worn, says Bernd Salzberger, infectious disease Loge at the University hospital Regensburg. Also Lemmen says to change the mask regularly, have more aesthetic than for health reasons. The Federal Institute for drugs and medical devices advises, however, to clean the mask after one Wear.

Protective masks

FFP3 and mouth-nose protection: What masks are and how to protect

How do I make the mask really clean?

The masks can be put in the washing machine. According to Lemmen 30 degrees, and detergent is enough to kill the Virus. Alternatively, you can iron the mask with a hot iron, or in the warm oven, if the Material can tolerate the.

Which fabric is suitable for a mask?

The mask is intended, droplets intercept, which we emit when you Speak, Laugh, cough or Sneeze. In principle, the substance, the following applies: The denser, the less likely it is that the small droplets pass is. However, you should be able to under the mask and still breathe well.

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Where is the mask mandatory in Germany?

Saxony has introduced as the first state, a mask is mandatory in Bus and rail, and shopping. In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Bavaria the obligation applies in the near future. Individual cities, such as Jena, Münster and Tübingen, plan a mask of duty, or have you already implemented.

Who are the masks protect?

Most experts believe that a piece of cloth before the mouth and nose is primarily a foreign and not self – protection. “If two people are wearing a Mouth guard, are both protected,” says Lemmen. In the case of infection with the novel Coronavirus can be according to the current state of knowledge, even before the first symptoms noticeably contagious. In addition, there are also curves without any symptoms.

The masks really help?

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), could contribute to the Wearing of masks to a further slowing of the spread. Distance and hygiene rules apply but also, if people are wearing a mask. The fabric can provide protection against larger droplets and mucus prevent skin contact with contaminated hands. For the homemade masks, there are no standards, there is no proven protective effect. According to RKI, self-made masks, filters in General, but probably less droplets than, for example, the multi-layer medical masks.

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