Why the Pool smells of chlorine

If it smells like a swimming pool a strong chlorine, it is particularly clean, because the chemical kills germs, right? Not true. Chlorine actually serves to pathogens safely and quickly kill. With the smell but that has nothing to do with it. Free chlorine smells barely. The typical smell is produced when chlorine is odorless with a other – also – fabric links: urea. From chlorine plus urea, the compound with the acrid smell.

A part of the urea comes from bathing, peeing in the water. But also shower objectors contribute significantly to the Hygiene Problem. A non-negligible quantity of urea does not come from the bladder but from the body surface: It is a natural component of healthy skin. If swimmers do not shower before bathing, the urea into the pool.

40 shower objectors resulted in a Pisser

“When about 40 people, not showers, so if one pees into the pool,” says Alexander fights from the Federal environment Agency. “If it smells strongly of chlorine, it means that a lot of urea was entered in the water.”

The infection protection act requires the operators of public pools to ensure that guests are sick. How much chlorine into the water may, or must, rules, recommendations of the Federal office for the environment, and a DIN-standard. The dose depends on many factors: How is the water quality? How many swimmers are in the water? How efficient the treatment plant is? The sun is shining? Because chlorine degrades under UV radiation easier.

Today, there is a smell in swimming pools is significantly less chlorine, says Konstanze Ziemke-Jerrentrup of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für das Badewesen. Thanks to sophisticated water treatment technology the material can be dosed better.

Conclusion: If all swimmers follow the signs “Before the bath, please take a shower,” is likely to smell the water after chlorine.