Why pharmaceutical companies want to our data and what are the risks of the

A round of 8 on the Smartphone screen paint or as soon as possible letters and Numbers, assign together – that sounds like a nice Gimmick, but the App Floodlight, the Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche is to feed the researchers with data. Data from Multiple sclerosis patients. The App counts steps and pace, and patients, store information about your Constitution high. Nor is it only for participants of clinical trials, but that’s about to change. Data is the new Gold of the pharmaceutical industry. “They are the key drivers for changes and innovations in the pharmaceutical industry in the coming years,” says Roche President Christoph Franz.

The pharmaceutical industry is relying heavily on personalized medicine or precision medicine. The first is something like the million-dollar gene therapy for terminally ill babies, the pharmaceutical company, Novartis, is giving away just 100 Times. Or the gene therapy Kymriah against an aggressive leukemia. The medicines are manufactured for each patient individually.

The pharmaceutical industry, the way patient data needs

Is meant but also a development that is set to revolutionize the treatment of all patients. High blood pressure agent A, in the case of heart weakness B: patients with the same disease get mostly the same pills, will soon be a thing of the past. The pharmaceutical industry needs a lot of patients data.

You should come from studies, Apps, and doctor’s offices. Doctors collect information instead of on the tab more and more often in an electronic patient file on the Computer. “We can expect in the next few years with an Explosion of data,” says Anne-Marie Martin, Director of the precision medicine at Novartis.

These findings, x – ray and MRI images, laboratory analysis, studies and also the good old doctor’s conversation – simply everything about the health of every human being. The analysis of mass data can reveal relationships that were previously unknown. Certain Gene – or cell properties, but also the age, weight, pre-existing medical condition, other medicines, residence, ethnicity or the time of ingestion can influence whether a drug works or not.

Privacy is of crucial importance

But how is it with privacy? Patients worry that insurance companies might one day require such a system to Diabetes in the genome of a Risk premium. The planned introduction of the electronic patient record 1. January 2021 was problematic, warned the dental Association of Bavaria is straight. Practices were not adequately protected against hacker attacks, for patients files 2000 euros would be offered.

The pharmaceutical companies tell them it is anonymous data, so that patients can not be identified. Experts for IT-security, privacy, Artificial intelligence, and medicine are developing on behalf of the Federal Ministry for research and education at the time of a Standard for the safe processing of medical data.

“Analysis of such data, can be treatments to offer, which are tailored to the patient,” said Roche spokesman Daniel Grotzky. Martin of Novartis, says: “on The one hand, we can filter the patient, in which a certain treatment is particularly effective, and that the data fed to the discovery engine.” So new drugs could be developed for patients who do not respond to conventional therapy.

Data, Data, Data

In Oncology, it is often customary to determine cell receptors and to treat depending on the outcome of two women with breast cancer in different ways. In diseases of the Central nervous system such as Multiple sclerosis (MS) are also to be expected that much progress, says Martin.

In Alzheimer’s research, Roche has developed a Test that can measure a protein that could be the death of nerve cells responsible. If the fabric can be reliably measured and there is at some point an Alzheimer’s drug, may patients be treated before the first signs. The group also tests rice grain-sized implants into the eye of patients with retinal diseases that can lead to blindness. It is checked whether the individual, the optimal dosage of the active ingredient brings better results for patients.

Data, data, data: Novartis brought together patient information from studies in a database, so that information from more than two million patients can be digitally analyzed. Roche has bought the data of cancer patients to specialized US company Flatiron Health and Foundation Medicine, the genetic Profile created.

Success of personalized medicine

Personalized medicine is a Win-Win-win. Patients benefit because they are faster and treated effectively. Health insurance companies save money because patients will not be unnecessarily expensive medications are tried, the help. And pharmaceutical companies can negotiate at a higher accuracy, better prices. “If you can prove the success of the treatment to the patient, the value of a fee by the health care system clear,” says Roche spokesman Grotzky.

Finland is in the use of health data as the gold standard. There are recognized for years of patient data electronically. In the project “FinnGen” is decoded the genome of a half a Million Finns – to find for the benefit of all patterns of Illness.

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