Where the hell are you all? The anger of the Italian mayor to your country people

The Numbers are dramatic: More than 5400 Italians have so far died of the Coronavirus. In terms of deaths, the country has replaced a few days ago in China as a sad leader, the Corona statistics.

Also in terms of the General Infection, is Italy far away from the Outbreak in China: Around 60,000 Italians have been infected with Corona in China around 82,000.


Italy quarantined: Wait, this nightmare ends

Why increase the Numbers in Italy so massive? Why is a lock, despite output and massive government restrictions still no Flattening of the curves in sight? Maybe because many Italians just don’t do what the government says. Several officials is now burst the collar.

Appeal to the youth of Italy

“We will send the police. With Flame-Throwers.” Vincenzo De Luca, President of the Italian Region of Campania, chooses drastic words. You aim at his compatriots. On the, the plan is always to celebrate as the “financial statements”, rumbles De Luca. The President is angry, because many of his countrymen to appreciate the gravity of the situation in Corona is still under. In a video message he makes clear announcements.

🔴 #CORONAVIRUS: facciamo il punto su tutte le iniziative che stiamo mettendo in campo per fronteggiare l'emergenza.

“Of course we can make happy so on”, but the result is clear, so De Luca: those Who go among people and celebrate, could bring ten days later, his parents and grandparents to the hospital.

“Where the hell are you all?”

De Lucas Video Statement is only one of many: In the whole of Italy the mayor, do, regional President and other officials of their anger. Twitter users “protect theflames” has some of your statements are compiled.

For example, Cateno De Luca, mayor of the Sicilian town of Messina. “I’m gonna get you. In the morning, not in a few years. Morning”, and he’s threatening rule-breakers. Also Massimiliano Presciutti, mayor, in the Central Italian Gualdo Tadino is angry: “Where the hell are you all? With your dogs? The need to have an inflamed prostate.”

The mayor of Bari: “This is not a Film”

Also, the mayor of Bari, in Puglia it is. He was already a few days ago with an emotional Video from his hometown headlines. On his way home controlled Antonio Decaro, whether the restaurant operator held the regulation to 18 at their stores close. At the time, it was Decaro nothing to complain about.

Now he has to walk on the path through his city – to find time to quarantine-breaker. And the mayor does not have to search long: On the beach, table tennis will be played on the places young people meet. Decaro is angry and the people-to-speech: “what happened in Milan or Bergamo, this is not a movie. This is really happening. The people die,” he calls out to around two strollers.

Anche oggi tutti impegnati a combattere contro la stupidità delle persone.Un impegno che potevamo dedicare all'emergenza e alle persone che in queste ore hanno bisogno di aiuto.Ora torno a casa pure io.

Conte has further tightened the rules

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte has tightened the reins: From now on, will be set in all non-system-relevant companies from the operation. Only in exceptional cases, people should be allowed to continue to go to work.

"We and Corona"

"A curfew has Nebenwirkungen"

To Conte presented on Monday a list with Occupations that can be exercised in spite of the curfew continues. Accordingly, among other things, Translators, and employees in chemical factories to the Professions, which may continue to be exercised to count. Also, an auto parts manufacturer is authorised to carry out their Jobs to continue. Steel mills have to close. Lawyers need to remain in the Home Office, while journalists are allowed to continue to go in your editorial.

On Monday, the government published decrees also contain an order requiring the Italians may not move “with private or public transport” outside the village, in the “you are currently”.

For many Italians, the arrangement caused additional uncertainty in theory it would mean that people with second homes no longer seek, and also your outside of one’s own residence, the living relatives should not visit. Exceptions apply according to the arrangement for people who need to travel for professional reasons or in urgent medical cases.

Sources: Twitter “protec theflames”, Facebook “Antonio Decaro”, Facebook “, Vincenzo De Luca”, news Agency AFP

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