What pushups on your heart betrayed

A simple method without expensive equipment can say a lot about heart health: According to a new study from the Harvard University men cope with middle age, which will create 40 pushups and more, a significantly lower risk for serious heart problems in the next ten years than men, a maximum of ten pushups.

40 push-UPS require a high degree of physical Fitness, which in turn reduces the risk for heart disease. It was surprising, however, that this simple Test gave more accurate results than testing on a treadmill. "The pushup test requires no special equipment, costs nothing and can be done in almost any environment, within two minutes easily. It provides an objective assessment of the Funktionsstatus", Justin Yang of the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston, USA, says.

For the study, 1.104 active male fire-fighters were observed in people with an average age of 39.6 years, ten years. 37 men affected in this period, the cardiovascular System, e.g. heart failure, sudden cardiac death or illness of the coronary vessels. Except one, none of them was in the investigation at the beginning will be able to do more than 40 pushups.