Vaginal ring broken: What to do?

Vaginal rings, which women use to prevent, can represent the break and thus the risk. The ABDA – Federal Union of German pharmacists e. V. points. Broken rings are no longer able to prevent pregnancy safe and also reactions, pressure, skin feelings, abdominal pain or bleeding cause.

The drug Commission of the German pharmacists (AMK), has received in recent years, many reports from women about ring fractures. All the vaginal rings have the same size and contain, as active ingredients of a contraceptive Estrogen-progestin combination. The plastic ring, in which they are incorporated, can be put together. If rings break, and then especially related to production weld. Compared with vaginal rings first-party, were fractions of genes reported to generic vaginal rings significantly more likely to AMK.

"I rate women who notice a broken Ring to discuss this with your pharmacist and on the need for an additional method of contraception advice. As soon as a fraction of the currently-worn ring is noted, it should be removed and a new one is used. For secure contraception for at least seven days, an additional barrier method used werden&quot to;, AMK-Chairman Prof. Dr Martin Schulz recommends. According to a recent survey, about two percent of women in Germany use a vaginal ring for contraception.

Should be occurred due to the ring collapse side effects, women can report these to your doctor or pharmacist. These are then forwarded to the AMK, where the messages are collected, reviewed and the competent authority is given.


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