To the point of death – the insane love of the mute Gibbons twins

When you were four years old, hadn’t spoken to Jennifer and June Gibbons with their parents – they ranged them small pieces of paper. Many twins perform symbiotic existences, as if they were two parts of one being. The small Gibbons drove it to the top: Together, they communicated in a secret language, which no other human mind. They moved perfectly in sync, like two puppets, which were controlled by a will. Jennifer is said to have inspected June through eye signals. Both were extremely slows down in perfect synchronicity. To their environment, they were like Zombies. And there is no trust was the togetherness of the sisters. They were still inseparable, and then they were screaming fiercely, fought and scratched their faces.

They were incredibly creative, and wrote remarkable short stories. Her complicated life was completely out of the Lot, as a new, more powerful drive in the lives of the twins came. The two girls, who hardly communicated with the outside world, discovered their love to boys. This could not go well.

Love and madness of the twins

The father of four brothers, which they pursued with their love, just called her “that weird Rabbit”. The longed-for romance of literary proportions, it was not found. Just quick Sex, alcohol, and glue-Geschnüffel. Then they flipped out. They stole and burned a shed. That brought the girls into the worst institution for the mentally eye-catching perpetrators of violence in the UK. They were locked up in Broadmoor, where the perpetrators of violence, such as the Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe and the grey gangster twins Ronnie and Reggie Kray seeds were inside. There is also the most hated woman in the Kingdom was imprisoned in the notorious child-murderer Myra Hindley.

In this clinic for the mentally ill offender, the Gibbons were not, because of their small criminal acts, but because they disturbed the world with their silent Pact. Your diaries documenting the psychological war, and their complicated rituals. Example of food: A hungry, the other overeat it had to. Then they switched the roles. The complicated and nowhere documented rules of your life have been injured, the twins punished.

The institution of the worst Criminals

The lunatic asylum Broadmoor more befütterte the unholy game of the two twin stars. The Doctors tried to separate them, but they always found a way for their messages to be exchanged. At the same time, they fought bitterly for their favor and attention of the imprisoned men. Back to your stations, you wrote the hatred for the rival of the soul. Jennifer was born ten minutes after June. She always feared that her older sister was smarter, prettier and popular than you. June wrote: “you want that we are the same. In their eyes, a murderous gleam shines. Dear God, I’m scared of her. It is not normal. Someone makes you crazy. I am.”

In the institution the idea took possession of them, only the death of a twin, the other proceeds. “I said to Jennifer, you’re strong. If I die, you’ll all be behind you. You’re a fighter,” said June. “But Jennifer told me that if she was dead, was to be a man, my twin and replace. We agreed, no matter who dies, the Survivor will call their Baby after the dead twin, so that we can both continue to live.”

Eerily Jennifer fulfilled the Covenant of the sisters. In 1993, they were released after eleven years from the infamous prison. Together, they sat in the Bus that should bring you home in an open clinic. Jennifer slumped to the ground next to June and atonic. When they arrived in Wales, couldn’t Jennifer talk. A few hours later she stopped breathing. Jennifer died of a mysterious infection of the heart.

Never really free

Her older sister Greta later gave the authorities the blame for the death of Jennifer. In an Interview with Greta, said that the two should never be in Broadmoor would have locked up. The have ruined her life completely: “Jenny shouldn’t have died, she was only 29 years old and should not have been dismissed if it was healthy. You should have been in the hospital. And June would have deserved a much better life. She has never married or had children, or your ambition to be a writer.” Really free June has never been. Exhibitions and readings refused it after a few years. Today, she lives a very withdrawn in the vicinity of their family.

You would have sued the institution, said Greta. But her parents were against it. But, the big sister never felt in the claustrophobic universe of the twins. Her biographer Marjorie Wallace said the survivor of June at the tomb of the sister: “she calls me. Calling me softly. But I don’t want to be in the same grave as them. It would be like in our old bunk bed. You will grab me and yell: “I got you Now! You’re dead. I’m a died First, but now you’re back with me, and we are one.” It has robbed me of always the sun light. If she was still alive, then she would steal me my soul.”

Society Scandal

Lady Lucan – love, madness and a erschlagenes children girls – the Lady and the beast

She was a delicate beauty, her husband attractive. Both of them kept the sick side of their bizarre marriage a secret, until the furious Lord Lucan killed the nanny. He disappeared without a trace, Lady Lucan was never about the murder