These Tricks will help against cold feet

Icy feet in the Winter – many of them can sing a song. Cold feet can have many causes. Most of the time the cold comes from the outside, but moisture can lead to Eisfüßen. Anyone who has sweaty feet, so it is more often cold feet. However, the clothing plays a role. To promote tight socks or shoes cold feet. Just narrow cuffs with a press on the blood vessels – circulation is impaired, the feet cool down faster. Remedy against icy feet foot baths, Fußcremes or hot spices such as Chili or ginger. Also toes gymnastics and massage are helpful. As a result, the muscles stimulated, and the heat budget. Women in particular often suffer from Eisfüßen. The reason for this is their often lower muscles of the body faster to cool down. To combat the loss of heat, the heat distribution first, to the Central organs. The generally smaller body mass of women leads to heat loss.