The nice weather brings out the Pollen

Pollen Allergy sufferers should corners in the coming days as a precaution, handkerchiefs once. The main flowering of hazel and alder from standing still. Nevertheless, some of the Pollen were already on the way, says Christina Endler of the center for medicine-Meteorological research of the German weather service. The dry and warm weather will increase the Pollen count.

The Pollen-risk index of the German weather service (DWD) warns for the weekend almost nationwide in front of medium load, with hazel pollen, there are only a few exceptions in the South of Germany. The alder provides, according to the forecasts, especially in the North and in the middle of Germany for a small-to-medium load.

In March and April, ash, and birch to follow

Allergy in Bavaria and other Parts of southern Germany can still breathe freely, says Endler with the different plants growth. In large Parts of Bavaria, and in elevation it was in the past few weeks, still cold and snowy, as a result, the nature was not yet developed so far.

Next, be Allergy-free to adjust according to the expert on ash and birch, these trees bloom in March and April.

More than 15 percent of the people in Germany have a pollen Allergy, and the trend is rising. The consequences range from a running nose, conjunctivitis, Asthma. How strong are the complaints fail, depends directly on the concentration of Pollen in the environment.

Anyone who suspects an Allergy should treat this check and in case of doubt. Otherwise, the so-called floor of the exchange are in danger From hay fever, an allergic Asthma develops within ten to 15 years, about 40 percent of the Affected.

Tips – to avoid unnecessary pollen load: