The four clear messages of the RKI President Wieler

And then Lothar Wieler says a sentence that comes for the otherwise calm chief analysts of the crisis, almost accusatory, therefore: “It is not helpful if the Public only on a factor is relative”.

It is Tuesday, it is time again for the regular Corona Update to the situation in Germany by the President of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). The process is matter-of-factly after eight weeks: presentation of the current Numbers, then an in-depth look, in the end, the questions of the journalists. So far, So usual – even this Morning. But one thing is different, not to say: new. Lothar Wieler do not need to make something clear for Once.

This is quite remarkable. Because, as it also has the RKI-President – not just for a Basta-rhetoric known – again and again explained: The pandemic develops, their evaluation, and his answers to recurring questions. In the case of the four aspects has positioned itself Wieler, but very clearly, part of an unusually sharp words chosen.

1. Appeal: factor R cannot be overestimated

“It is not helpful if the Public only on a factor is relative,” says Wieler for reporting on the so-called reproduction number. This is increased slightly, according to the RKI is currently (as of 27.4’m going to.) 1 estimated – an Infected person is contagious to the other people.

What we know now

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The value plays in the public debate, not least since the notable example of the Chancellor. Right, says Wieler – but warns: “you should not solely concentrate on the value R”. Although the factor will deliver important insights about the dynamics of the pandemic, should be considered in the “Interaction” with other important Figures – for example, with the case numbers per day and the test capacities in Germany. In addition, the number of the case of the regional different.

“I don’t want to, that the debate on R concentrated”, so Wieler. It is an important measure, but finally, one of the many to be. The goal must be to press on under 1.0 in order to have more “leeway” in the fight against the pandemic. But: “It will never be just a factor of ensures that completely different actions are carried out.”

2. Appeal: protection masks wear properly

Long the RKI had been advised only people with a respiratory disease, to wear in Public a mouth-nose protection. In the meantime, the authority has changed its mind, and so is also confirmed by Wieler for the umpteenth time: The mouth-nose protection should be “for the people no protection”, shooter but third parties up to a certain point. But in order for this “small get more value” to the masks to Wear, would have to be, well, worn right. Too often, the RKI have observed the President, that of the mouth, nose and would be used the protection incorrectly. Because of this, not over the mouth and nose worn will.

There is still uncertainty about how and when to wear masks,” says Wieler. The RKI-President recommended “expressly” to inform themselves about the Federal Ministry of health. But his warning remains the same: “We have always said that you should not weigh with the masks in safety.”

3. Appeal: More on rules

For Wieler, however, carved in stone: “The most Important thing is: a Minimum of 1.5 meters at a distance and in the crook of one arm, coughing and sneezing. These are the basics.” The only way to build on the “success that we have earned all”. Germany was able to keep the Virus differently than other countries, so far, been very successful in chess. “We don’t want to increase the numbers again.” This applies particularly against the Background of the first relaxations.

The recommendation or reminder by the RKI, to keep to the hygiene measures, had not changed after eight weeks of operation of the press conferences. Despite, or perhaps due to the declining case numbers, the appeal of the Institute is: “We want to defend this success, and we can, if we discipline ourselves and stick to the rules.”

4. Appeal: herd immunity is not a solution

Consistent Lockdown, occasionally loosening or Swedish exceptionalism? The search for a promising strategy in the fight against the pandemic in weeks for discussions. A controversial solution has given Wieler to give a decisive rebuff: “We have a clear Position: It is not conceivable for us, a controlled herd immunity cause.”

Swedish Model

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What is meant? Herd immunity means that the spread of the Virus is stopped – because more and more people are immune, either because they have overcome the disease or been vaccinated.

The RKI has spoken out clearly against a targeted infection of the population. “The Virus is difficult to control,” explains Wieler. That Experiment could be fatal, formulated by the RKI President, through the flower: “You have to think about how many people you would like to take in purchase in order to achieve a possible herd immunity.” Without an effective drug or a vaccine, the debate for Wieler was not “technically understandable”, and sometimes “dangerous” and “naive”.

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