The distance rules apply, unfortunately, still. Why is still everyone, what he wants?

“Maybe you want to get on my lap?”, of toxins I the guy that puts in the queue at the supermarket checkout his article on the Band, while the elderly lady is before me still have to pay for your shopping. The guy in the back of my neck, the fabric protector which is trapped under the nose, the Half-Meter marks on the floor, nothing.

And not only him: in our district, the terraces are full again, also will perk up gecornert, and in the supermarket people go up close as the guy behind me at the checkout. Corona? Sounds just like this blatant isolation trend from the spring, is now no longer fashionable stop. Corona? The Name on the beer bottle is finally just in the hands of the Hipsters on the corner.

Not the worst of the crisis – “but one of the saddest”

To avoid any wrong impression: to Me it all goes to this so-called corona crisis either on the nerve or to the kidney that you have to dress like a beekeeper to go shopping; many of my friends in Gastro-culture and fight for just economic Survival; that the people may not come in the day of trouble together, which is why the writer Daniel Kehlmann is right when he says that it is perhaps the worst crisis of humanity, “but one of the saddest”.

Also, I can’t deal well with authority, can’t discuss. Telling me something that I keep to, although I don’t feel that you have the right view (you are, admittedly, in the case of Corona, even can’t have). Nevertheless, the shutdown of public life as a useful as well as later, the slow relaxations appeared to me as a layman, and still more applicable spacing rules, I want to keep myself happy.

Corona in the crisis region

So the rulers use in the Middle East, the Virus, to protest

Only Social Distancing is severe, if the appropriate requirements are interpreted so differently – it’s not only the anecdote from the supermarket is not indicative for a long time. I have to admit that I, too, could recite the rules of completeness, when the teacher would ask on the Board. I don’t know if in my city just two or three households may meet, whether “assemblies” of five or even ten people are allowed, how large is the safety distance on the terrace must be in the Restaurant to the Millimeter.

But I know for a fact that we all have a Problem, when I walk through my neighborhood, and me pitying looks for my Mouth guard catch; if the Doner of the guests frolicking in a confined space around the counter, while the device 800 square meters of sales area in the store with his felt are only allowed five customers at the same time. Because everyone does what he wants, losing all track of them. This behavior is not only confusing for the individual, but also unwise for the General public: as soon As just one is from the series care, could lose the compliance of the measures by all the other sense. This is especially true in times of relaxations.

The Homeschooling parents, the Solo self-employed without contracts, the owners of small farms, employees in short-time work: does It have to be in the interest of each individual citizen to keep this creepy state of exception as short as possible, and, apparently, can work only if we are proficient in all the us now a little bit longer. It has hit us all so far in Germany is bad, but responsible for restrictions, their economic and psychological long – term consequences will be bad enough and we must prevent at any price that they come back in force.

Social Distancing: Wrong Interpretation of freedom

This means that we need to stop shaking as supposed prisoners to the bars and us a false Interpretation of the freedom of term add: Who interprets freedom in the negative, writes Philipp Hübl in the “philosophy magazine”, defined as “freedom from coercion”, so here’s to a great influence of the state on the individual and the economy. Those who understand freedom, however, is positive as “autonomy”, wants the state to intervene to protect the free development particularly of the Weak. The latter view is represented according to Hübl reinforced by women, the former represents a way, therefore, clearly a masculine point of view. However, it would be nice if in the context of this epochal problem, exceptionally, it is not the differences between the sexes, but only patience and common sense have a role to play.

Mother’s day

Children and household: Urges the corona crisis, women back in old role models?

“What do you have for a Problem?” back to gifting the guy at the supermarket checkout. I turn around, but before I can say sentences that would lead to escalation, according to the cashier to say: “No one has a Problem,” she says, “if you go back just two steps.” The guy makes a derogatory gesture, then he does as he was told. The older lady in front of me inside smiles in: “Well, you see,” she says, and makes the exchange of money in your wallet patter, “didn’t hurt at all.”

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