The Covid patients, the disease is not easy to get rid of

In connection with Covid-19 is often talked about two groups of Infected: On the one hand, the severe gradients – Vorerkrankten, as a rule, the Old and hard – in whom the disease may become life threatening. On the other hand, the symptom-free carrier of the virus, not even realizing that they are infected. But between these poles, there are grey areas. For example, the Covid-patients, which is still too good for the hospital, but still really bad. These people report a feeling of sickness, as they had experienced it before, never – and especially from the fact that it accompanies the disease about weeks.

The US-American girl Kate Porter, tells NBC News that they have had the past 50 days nearly every day fever. She was infected in March with the Coronavirus, and fighting since then, with the symptoms. “One afternoon, I feel great and think: Today I can read, I’m going to do the Laundry,” is quoted the 35-Year-old. However, the fatigue and the fever would come back again and again. Porter has been tested according to the report, almost two months ago positive for the Virus, in the meantime, the Tests would be negative, your symptoms but remained.

Covid-19-patients with week-long symptoms

A similar picture is Andrew Dumont from Seattle describes in Bundesstat Washington. Almost two months after the first symptoms of the 32-Year-old still felt limp and suffer from shortness of breath. He had been in the past week, twice in the emergency room. In the case of CT and x-ray of the lungs, the Doctors had found but no additional foci of inflammation and so you do not have to keep him in the hospital. “It’s scary, because it is more or less left home alone and tried to treat themselves,” is Dumont of the NBC quoted.


Nothing to remember or respiration – why are the gradients in the Covid-19 so different?

Some hardly notice that you have been infected with Sars-CoV-2. At the other, fails to days, the lungs, and at the end of the entire organism. A look at the phases of the disease.

Lauren Nichols of Boston, Massachusetts is 32 years old, athletic and far from it, to belong to the Corona-risk group. However, it has an unusual course of the disease behind. Already in March, it was tested after the first symptoms a positive effect on the Corona. For more than 50 days, she is now struggling with a fever, limbs, and headache. Not a day had gone by that they have had no diarrhea, she says.

“You don’t want to bother the health authorities Yes”

The British BBC has found similar cases: David Harris, an architect from Bristol, reported there, as he fights for the past seven weeks, with recurring waves of the disease. “The second wave was the worst,” says the 42-Year-old father of a small daughter. There was the usual flu symptoms, added to the shortness of breath. Then he felt two weeks is better, just still very tired. “And then in week seven, it has caught me again, slightly less violently, but still significant.”

In order not to jeopardize his little family to unnecessary, long live Harris for weeks in self-imposed isolation in a part of the apartment. His ten-month-old daughter he only see, if his wife think of him this in front of the Window of the anteroom. He describes how he was initially so difficult to get help. “You don’t want to bother the health authorities, because there are undoubtedly people for whom it’s much worse than me,” says Harris.

Covid disease takes an average of twelve days

For the 49-year-old Londoner Felicity – your last name, the BBC is not called – is the worst of the To and From. “If you survived the first ten days and now thinks it will be better, and then it is again much, much worse.” In its fifth week of illness your Partner had to call the rescue service. You have complained about massive pain in the abdominal area. “It is difficult to say, it was the work of the Virus? It is the reaction of the immune system? It is a chronic inflammation?”, she says. You’ve spent much of the past weeks in bed.

The two patients in the case of the BBC were never tested for the Coronavirus, her Doctors would have communicated to you both, however, on the basis of the symptoms that you are most probably infected.

Since the novel Coronavirus and the disease Covid-19 are only a few weeks old, is still much unclear, including why patients respond so differently to the Virus. “Some have continuous cough and we discover more and more, the deep fatigue and exhaustion lasting three, four, five, six weeks,” says Dr. Philip Gothard of London’s hospital for tropical diseases.

The Tim Spector from King’s College agreed to the BBC. Although the data showed up here, that there is a need in the average of twelve days to recuperate from Covid-19. “We get more and more reports of people, in which the symptoms last much longer, sometimes 30 days or more.” The more solid the data get, the better you can understand what are the factors that led to the. Spector believes that Soon you will be able to tell which combination of symptoms and risk factors such a long history of Covid disease encourage.

Sources: NBC / BBC / business insider

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