Testosterone deficiency: what are the signs you should and what helps

Testosterone is the principal male sex hormone at all. It makes for a muscular body, broad shoulders, a beard and a deep voice. A real men’s hormone level. The level of testosterone drops, so only the outer appearance of the man does not change – no, a pathological lack of testosterone can also have an impact on the potency, Libido and the Psyche.

The supposedly stronger sex begins to weaken in the truest sense of the word. Many men take the sign of a testosterone deficiency, however, is not serious. Constantly tired and irritable? Such a phase everyone has from time to time. Force – and lacking in motivation? This is determined by the weather. Lull in the bed? This is determined at the Stress. Or to the woman.

Menopause in a man? It is not, experts say.

In contrast to the sudden drop in hormones in the female menopause decreases the levels of testosterone in a man very slowly and steadily from. Symptoms occur – if at all – only then, if the testosterone level falls in the blood a certain limit.

But this is also the age of each man in the case. Some have, in spite of a low testosterone no symptoms at all values. For the diagnosis of a so-called testosterone deficiency syndrome, testosterone concentration alone is not enough, also the complaints of the husband must be taken into account. Therefore, many experts believe the concept "male Wechseljahre" for is not correct.

A visit to the doctor is no longer eligible for a lot of men only are eligible, if there is no other choice – or when the wife or girlfriend sends you to the clinic.

Several studies were able to show that a lower testosterone level is associated with an increased risk for cardiovascular diseases, atherosclerosis and the metabolic syndrome.

The more important it is, therefore, typical signs of a testosterone deficiency to know.

11 signs of a testosterone deficiency:

These symptoms persist over a longer period of time, or to take in the course, you may have a testosterone deficiency.

What can you do man?

Basically, it is quite simple: anyone Who is proven to and has very little testosterone in the blood, and if this is the cause for various ailments, should try this testosterone deficiency balance.

Doctors have the ability to the testosterone levels by using a hormone replacement therapy to normalize. In this case, the Patient gets artificial testosterone fed, for example, as a syringe, pills or using a patch.

In addition, it can be helpful, not to take advantage of all of the things that can affect the levels of testosterone in the blood is negative. Specifically, this means:

  • Try to eat a balanced diet.
  • You remain active! You move on a regular basis.
  • Take alcohol only in moderation.
  • You do without as complete as possible of nicotine.


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