Sunscreen may be cheap

Who would like to protect his skin, can attack without concern to the cheapest sun creams in the drugstore or discount stores. This was the result of the Stiftung Warentest, after the analysis of 19 of the creams, lotions and Sprays. All of the products had a sun protection factor of 30, 50 or 50 .

Two of the products all of the funds held in the Tests, the promised protection factor. In the case of the fallen agents consist of two relatively expensive products: A Spray of Ritual (“The Ritual of Karma Sun Protection Milky Spray”), as well as a cream from Speick (“sun cream”).

In the Spray of the Ritual, the Tester discovered a fragrance that you classify as critical. Apart from that, all of the tested creams were materials free of problematic content, also were detected in any of the sunscreens germs. In addition, the Tester evaluated criteria, such as the feeling on the skin after application.

The bottom line is that six of the 19 products have received the judgment “very good”, including the four cheapest creams. They came from the dm (“Sundance sun milk”; To 1.23 Euro per 100 milliliters), Edeka (“Elkos Sun sun milk”, 1.10 Euro per 100 milliliters), Rossmann (“Sunozon sun milk”, EUR 1.63 per 100 milliliters) and Müller (“Lavozon sun milk”, to 1.23 Euro per 100 milliliters).

Test article for EUR 2.50 buy (incl. VAT)

Anyone who wants to protect themselves adequately from the sun, must be observed in the use of all products, however, are two things:

1. The designation “water resistant” is misleading

Creams and Sprays can already advertise with the designation “water resistant” if after two Bader skinned 20 minutes, half of the original protection is available. Therefore, Even “water-resistant” creams and Sprays need to be applied after bathing and Drying new. The same is true for people who have strongly sweated.

2. Just a lot of cream protects really

Yes, a thick layer of Cream on the skin is annoying. It takes longer, until the medium is fed, the risk of stains on clothes is on the rise. Nevertheless, those Who reach the indicated light protection factor and skin cancer is to reduce risk, it must apply the funds generously.

Specifically, this means the Stiftung Warentest, according to a 1.80 meters tall man for the entire body needs 40 milliliters, in order to really put the cream on. This corresponds approximately to the quantity of three tablespoons. An average bottle of sunscreen then would only hold five days, provided the man does not need to reapply.