Stinky nose – causes and counter-measures

Stinky nose – a Problem on many levels

The very Name suggests something very Unpleasant suspect. The Affected exude a putrid-sweet odor from the nose, they cannot as a rule perceive-self, however. The cause of a smelly nose ( Ozena , or atrophic Rhinitis cum foetore ) is a ruined nose mucosa (atrophy of the mucous membrane). The mucous membrane is usually there to provide protection against germs, debris and dirt. She is attacked, however, it contains bacteria that spread and lead, ultimately, this unpleasant smell.

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Cause: Challenged Nasal Mucosa

The stinky nose is divided in a primary and in a secondary Form. The Primary is due to a genetic predisposition, mostly already in the age of Puberty, and women are particularly affected.

For the secondary Form, several factors may be responsible:

  • Surgery or injury in the area of the nasal mucosa can destroy it.
  • Similarly, excessive use of nasal sprays is one of the causes. This should be applied in no case longer than seven days. Decongestant nasal sprays or nasal drops which were no longer taken, can, firstly, lead to dependence, and, secondly, the mucous membrane such damage, a stinking nose.
  • In rarer cases, a failure of formation of the nasal septum to blame for this unpleasant disease.
  • Furthermore, tumors of the nasopharynx can cause damage to the mucous membranes. These are often treated using radiation therapy, which, in turn, may have damage to the nasal mucosa.


Destroyed by the nasal mucosa with the resulting shrinkage of the tissue, germs, door and gate are opened to the skin, making them easier to multiply. These germs but in General a nasty, sweet to putrid odor, the then members and with the parties Concerned in close contact with persons perceive can. Since most of the nerves in the nose are also damaged, can’t smell the Affected. Due to the atrophy of the mucous membrane of the nose is enlarged cave. Therefore, the patients have the feeling that your nose is obstructed breathing, what you animated then often to use nasal spray. Frequent nose bleeding and purulent nasal discharge may also occur. The Whole is accompanied by crusts and scabs forming in the nose.

Those suffering from above all that their fellow man can no longer stand the stench. Otherwise, the stinking nose for the patient is nothing more than a runny nose. Due to the unpleasant odor of the Affected back and social, and occupational problems may be the result.


Unfortunately, a stinking nose can not be cured. You will not be treated, however, this leads to the skin to permanent damage to the nasal mucosa and more and more. This dehydration can spread to other mucous membranes, such as, for example, in the throat, in the trachea or in the worst case, the lungs. The atrophy of the nasal mucosa can lead, in rare cases, to destruction of tissue and bone structures.

For the treatment of a smelly nose moisture. The Emergence of bark and crusts, which can destroy a permanent tissue, is counteract. To moisten the nasal mucosa, helps the application of sea-water nasal spray. This Spray does not harm, but moistened only. In order to support the healing of the attacked mucous membranes, are recommended for oily nasal sprays or nasal drops. Also, Nasal ointments, which contain a therapeutic active ingredient, are a good possibility.Regular Apply of the nose shower makes the crusts go back. In any case, a decongestant nose may be used drops.

In addition, the Regeneration of the nasal mucosa can be supported skin by taking dietary supplements that contain vitamins A and E, and zinc.
Disturbing bark and crusts in the ear, nose and throat doctor. In extreme cases, surgery should be considered. The nasal cavity is reduced.

Other Causes

Other causes for foul Odor, purulent inflammation in the nose. In the case of sinusitis caused by dental problems, such odors. Furthermore, a foreign body in the nose or infectious diseases, such as nasal diphtheria, nasal tuberculosis, and glanders. To determine the cause of the Affected are in medical hands.

Prophylactic Measures

Among the most important prophylactic measures to avoid decongestant nose drops. This can make over a few days, if an acute infection is present, good services, but need to be re-sold. Thus, the nasal mucosa can function well, sufficient humidification is required. Dry air in heated rooms should be avoided. In dry climate the application of sea salt spray helps. The mucous membrane is very dry, we recommend oil-drops, as mentioned above. The moisture must come from the inside. Therefore daily for sufficient fluid intake thought. Particularly of non-carbonated water and herbal teas. Inhalations with sea salt or the application of the nasal douche, both of which are carried out regularly, have a positive effect. A holiday with the sea climate is recommended.

From the point of view of Traditional Chinese medicine, but also in Western Naturopathy interactions of the various organs are known. So the connection between the Airways and the intestine is an important factor. As a result, the diseases of the nose are not mucous to consider only local, but it can also be a connection with the digestive tract. Experienced therapists should analyze the specific Situation of the Affected, therefore, more accurate. What you can do is ensure a healthy diet that guarantees an appropriate intestinal flora and inflammatory products such as

  • Meat (especially pork)
  • White flour,
  • Sugar,
  • TRANS-fats
  • and alcohol excludes.

Everything that serves the intestinal cleansing, it can have a positive effect on the nasal mucosa.

Treatment in the natural healing practice

For people who are affected by a smelly nose, is the natural healing practice is also a focal point, because in naturopathy, you will often find help. There are women, so it has to be clarified whether the dryness of the nasal mucosa may be hormone-related, so this treatment is in the foreground. Women in menopause suffer from mucous membranes dryness, not only in the nose, but also in the eyes, in the mouth and in the Vagina. Here pomegranate oil help in the form of capsules, linseed oil, and possibly the missing hormone in bioidentical Form. The Estriol is the hormone that is important for the female the mucous membranes.

Furthermore, the application of schüssler salts, such as

  • No 1 Calcium fluoratum (“makes everything soft, hard and everything is hard what is soft”),
  • No. 4 Kalium chloratum (the agents for the mucous membranes)
  • or No. 8 Natrium chloratum (for fluid balance).

Acupuncture is also a form of therapy, with the help of a smelly nose can be treated.
From homeopathy in the first place

  • Luesinum with crusts and foul-smelling Secretions,
  • Potassium sulfuricum with thick, tenacious secretions
  • and Kalium carbonicum in an extreme drought

a positive effect is attributed.

The following herbs have a positive effect on all mucous membranes in the body:

  • Mugwort,
  • Lady’s mantle,
  • Daisy,
  • Yarrow,
  • Nettle,
  • Pansy
  • and Sanikel.

A tea from these herbs can help. However, please bear in mind that this herbal tea is not suitable to prolonged use. After about six to eight weeks, the composition is changed, or simply a “tea break” inserted.

Final word

In the case of suspicion, the Affected in a doctor’s office, to identify the causes. In any case, to be withdrawn in case of misuse by nasal spray or nasal drops it immediately. Moistening of the nasal mucosa with sea salt and adequate fluid intake are essential. Since this disease can bring the stakeholders in the social withdrawal, may be psycho-social help is advisable. (sw)