Sterilization of the man: What are the risks, and then there

To use condoms, the woman takes the pill or perhaps a spiral or a hormone implant? Especially in long-term relationships in which children’s planning is complete, many couples have the desire to regulate the issue of prevention finally.

In such a case, a sterilization of the man in question is particularly happy. In this procedure, which is also referred to as a vasectomy, it separates the VAS deferens in the testicles by. The method is considered to be very safe: The so-called Pearl Index is 0.1 to 0.15. This means that of 100 couples who prevent a year with this method, an average of 0.1 to 0.15 women pregnant.

Sterilization is safer than taking the pill

The method offers a security level of 100 percent, is due to the fact that the seed head can grow after the procedure, in very rare cases, back together. Overall, the vasectomy is considered to be one of the safest methods of contraception and is located in the reliability, for example, about condoms, as well as the pill or the Three-Month injection.

"The VAS deferens grow back together, in practice only very rarely vor", lecturer Dr. Tobias hunter says private. He is a urologist and andrologist, and the Executive Board of the German society for men and health. He also runs the Blog he writes about topics related to men’s health.

Ambulatory surgery: vasectomy

A man chooses a vasectomy, is performed this procedure is usually an outpatient procedure. After a local anesthetic, a doctor uses a small incision on the scrotum and then separates the seed head. "Of the order of magnitude which roughly corresponds to the distance of a Muttermals", hunter says.

Thereafter, the seed heads are closed. To do this, the Opera may you EUR, for example, bonding, or with heat or a chemical sclerosing. "There are also methods that auskommen&quot without a scalpel;, hunter says. In the case of the scrotum is punctured and the instruments for the surgery are inserted through the tiny Opening. "So far, we see no advantage in this Methode", according to the expert.

Outpatient vasectomy costs 400 to 600 Euro

If sterilization is not medically necessary, you must pay a man you self. Medically necessary they may be, for example, if a pregnancy would put the woman in danger of their lives. The cost for a vasectomy to be around 400 to 600 Euro, if you as an outpatient to perform. You should have a General anaesthetic your choice, the cost is much higher.

Complications from the procedure are rare, especially if the surgeon is experienced. In the days after the treatment, however, there may be a slight bruise or a feeling of pressure on the scrotum. Usually it is sufficient after the procedure to drive themselves for a few days physically and about two weeks of no sports. (Also interesting: menopause in a man)

At first spermatozoa in the seminal fluid

What is important is: "Men are not after a vasectomy immediately steril", hunter says. In the seminal fluid may contain up to about twelve weeks after the operation sperm. After a few seeds effusions is no risk for unwanted insemination is more. Therefore, it is important to examine the semen after the Operation several times to sperm and to prevent for so long, to ensure that it contains no sperm and more. (What kind of fruit can improve sperm quality, read here)

By the way: After a sterilization of the male body continues to produce hormones and sperm. The only difference is that the sperm reach the urethra, but the body breaks down again. Therefore, no restrictions, for example, in terms of Libido after a vasectomy to be expected. Many couples report to the contrary, that they experience their sexuality after the intervention as significantly more relaxed, since there is not the danger of an unwanted pregnancy threatens. Basically, a vasectomy can be undone – not in every case, this leads to the fact that a man’s procreation is also actually capable of.

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