So much wanted to have Sex with your wife, never with you

You are in the mood for a hot night of love, but your Sweetheart do not just want to? Don’t worry, you are not alone. We will tell you what can help the love life boost, with the resources of the nature!

  • Who wants to boost his love life, a good dinner might help.
  • Natural aphrodisiacs to encourage the desire.
  • The woman is to help licorice.

In theory, it does not need many ingredients for a hot night of love: a man, a woman or two same-sex people in love.

Indeed, in practice, enough but not always. Women can always, if you want to. But this is exactly the Problem: Many of them have no more desire to have Sex.

What is man doing?

Pharmaceutical companies have been searching for years for a pill that stimulates the female pleasure: A type of Viagra for women. However, so far failed all Attempts failed to bring such a drug to market.

The pleasure pill for women

In a Committee of the American drug authority FDA at the 4. June, now have a majority, the “Pink Viagra” – called pleasure pill allow.. but it can help women whose sexual aversion has biological causes and that only after even more possible side effects have been researched. So it could take some time until the product actually comes to market.

Until then: Try it with good food

Who would not want to wait that long and his love life is already cranking, a good dinner might help.

It has leaves with the romantic evening by candlelight or the rose on the bed, not folded, to prepare your wife a delicious meal. Because some of the food is said to have an aphrodisiac effect. An attempt can not hurt.

So, for example, has licoricefrom the licorice root obtained is, for hundreds of years, the reputation of women stimulating. Because the Plant is to estrogen contain similar ingredients.

Ginseng and saffron

Many other foods should have an effect both for the woman and for the man stimulating. So researchers have found the University of Guelph in Canada found that Ginseng and saffron appear aphrodisiac. They evaluated hundreds of studies of popular aphrodisiacs, which are supposed to promote Lust. The studies had both a psychological as well as physiological Background.

Ginseng to stimulate the Libido and stamina in bed increase. In addition, there are a number of other foods, to help the pleasure on the jumps.

Hot Spices

Spices such as pepper and chilli not only make the food spicy. You should also increase the blood circulation and the sexual desire promote.

The effect of spices such as pepper is based on the content of the substance Piperidine, which occurs, for example, in the pomegranate seeds. In some cultures it is the custom to pelt the bride and groom with the nuclei: This is supposed to be good for the young.

A positive effect on the blood circulation also, the spices cinnamon, Cardamom, cloves, and nutmeg. Of the latter should suffice in a pinch.

Fat Fish

Fatty fish provides valuable Omega-3 fatty acids. These special fats are the blood flow and hence sexual excitability and improve.


Also garlic is to act aphrodisiac. Because it also contains active substances, the blood circulation good. However, here, rather, both should have access, otherwise the enjoyment of spicy cloves could also backfire.


The men should also help with the following food sexually on the jumps.


The Qur’an praises the root as an aphrodisiac. Its essential Oils condiments only exotic dishes, but to also help the man to a permanent erection, and so imaginative love the game. Those who would like to practice so in the slow motion-slow Kamasutra, should be dope with ginger tea.


The essential Oils in celery is said since ancient times, a amazing effect: the desire to promote, and the man to have more strength while having Sex to help.


Basically, the man was strawberries, oysters, asparagus, nuts, pumpkin seeds, and co. advised. These foods contain a lot of zinc and therefore stimulate the production of testosterone.