So keep your Partner in front of the Burnout

Your wife is working late into the night? Her husband is irritated and hypersensitive? If your Partner prior to the exhaustion falls down, you should take care of him – but himself never completely forget.

First of all, we should define, what exactly does that mean: Has your Partner/in a working animal, and has hardly any time for you and the family? Is your Partner more likely at the end of his strength and power? He complains constantly nags, complains about everything?

Speculating doesn’t help

He became thin-skinned, forgets a lot and is not with the thoughts in the matter? Then he could be on the way in a fatigue situation, which is today often referred to as “Burnout”. Your Partner is also unmotivated, sad, or hopeless, he could be on the way in the Depression.

The distinction between the situations is difficult. Speculate you no more. Especially you need to clarify what your view is and what a danger to your partner, what he doesn’t see.

Good advice from bounce

Especially in extreme stress situations, we are prisoners of our own self and not notice how we behave. Logical Appeals, or wise advice not to come because of the Stress blocks the thinking brain.

They always talk first with your Partner about your perception and you are looking for help. This may be the company doctor or family doctor. Your Partner should share your assumptions at all, you should get alone the Council.

Here it might be worthwhile to visit a self-help group for family members, because the experts there can figure out together with you where you stand and what to do. Regardless of which Situation you are in together, is the clear answer to the input question:

You think of yourself and protect yourself!

To think in itself would already not be so easy to do. You have internally, and may also in fact, so many of the same discussions, so often declared, what is bothering you and what you feel that you have not completely forgotten, that your life consists only of your Partner. Four basic rules will help you:

1. I am I and you are You

Women, in particular, can differentiate bad when it comes to a close people are bad. In the consequence of you take care and try to do everything to make the other better.

The will to succeed in the rarest of cases, because the other one is not usually asked at all about and what is being done is given from the own perspective and their own needs and for the other not to fit in.

It is not your matter how your Partner behaves. We’re not changing to be like other people, in order to be so, as we consider it is right. Apart from the fact that we want to be changed, will change people from their own Conviction or not.