Researchers provide possible reason for weight gain in old age

In the age of the fat, weakens metabolism and stored fat will be worse reduced. The report researchers from Sweden in the journal “Nature Medicine”. This could be one reason that many people increase in age, although they are pushing for more food, or less Sport. German experts see the study, however, with Reservation.

Fat is stored in the body in fat cells called Adipocytes. They make up about 90 percent of the white adipose tissue. Continue to is reduced in the cells of stored fat and new placed in storage. In order to examine how these metabolic changes in the course of life, investigated by the Team led by Peter Arner from the Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, 54 persons. Of these they had taken twice in the course of, an average of 13 years, a sample of adipose tissue.

The scientists studied the age of of triglycerides – fat molecules that are stored in the Adipocytes. They used the so-called C14-method, which measures the age of two carbon variants: C14 to C12. In the case of above-ground nuclear tests during the Cold war (1955-1963) increased the amount of radioactive carbon isotope C14 in the atmosphere, temporarily strong. Dietary C14 passes into the body of the people, and also in the fat tissue. On the basis of the ratio of C14 to C12, scientists can determine how old the fat molecules are.

With age, the fat slows down removal

It showed that with increasing age the fat slowed down the degradation. Regardless of whether the Person had increased, her weight held or over the years decreased. Subjects who had reduced their caloric intake, increased over the study period, about 20 percent of body weight.

In a second Study the researchers had examined 41 severely obese people had the stomach to shrink. The researchers found that only the persons who before the surgery, a low fat loss rate had managed to keep after the Operation in the long term, your weight. You suspect that these people probably had more room to increase your fat metabolism rate.

“The results suggest for the first time, that there are processes in our fat tissue, which regardless of other factors, the weight of the body in the age of influence. This opens up new possibilities for the treatment of Obesity may arise,” said Arner, according to a press release from the Karolinska Institute.

German scientists see the study of critical

Helmut glad hofen, Department of doctor of age medicine at Alfried Krupp hospital in Essen, stresses that the study can only provide a hypothesis, no reliable statements can be made: “the results of The study are a more interesting note, but it is quite a few subjects,” said the doctor. Basically, Obesity is not due to the purely biological: “Since many factors play a role, which is partly genetically, partly behavior-dependent. If in the age of sporting activities are restricted, the weight best the diet to influence”, so glad hofen.

For Helmut Wallrafen of the German society for gerontology and geriatrics, Obesity is, at least, in the care of the elderly is hardly the topic: “When people in old age is likely to increase somewhat in weight, the more likely for you to subjectively perceived, aesthetic Problem than a medical one. As a practitioner, and nurse, the topic of Obesity has come to me only very selectively, and we typically have more of the challenge that people in old age suffer from malnutrition”.

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