Prince Harry Spills The Beans On Sleep Deprivation & Bliss Of Becoming A Father

The wait is finally over, and the newest royal has marked his arrival in the world! Prince Harry has officially been titled as a dad now. It’s been just a couple of days since the little one came out of his mother’s belly, but like any other new-born, he has already started giving sleepless nights to the first-time parents. Though, the couple has been experiencing total bliss ever since their family extended to three.

Harry was thoughtful enough to share the much-awaited news with the whole world when he announced the safe arrival of his son and also informed about Meghan’s well-being. As an expression of his joy, Harry described the whole experience as completely thrilling and also shared his gratitude to have received pure love and blessings from all over the world. Well, of course, the royal couple has given a great reason to fans who are celebrating the moment.

Now that the youngest British royal has joined the clan, fans and well-wishers have been looking forward to the name announcement. However, the doting parents are still in the process to finalize his official name. With this latest addition, the other three royal kids now have a cousin baby brother, and it will be great to see the youngest generation of royals bonding with each other in the upcoming days.

Unlike sister in law Kate Middleton, the Sussex couple has kept their special moments private, and that’s the probable reason Meghan was not spotted waving at the fans outside the hospital. That said, the Duke and Duchess are quite fond of sharing their happy moments which means they will soon be sharing the pictures of their firstborn. It was confirmed by Harry that the first family picture will be shared shortly, maybe in two or three days. Don’t be surprised if the internet breaks down that day!

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