Pain, alas, in my breast

The trip to Cancun, the 34-Year-old from the USA don’t get at all: During your stay in Mexico, she developed fevers and chills, she suffers from severe abdominal pain and diarrhea.

The symptoms remain after your return. She seeks out a doctor – it was the fourth day since the Onset of the complaints. A blood test only a few enzyme values are increased eye-catching. The wife receives no further therapy. Five days later, she comes to a scheduled check-up: The patient is alive and well, all of the values are in the normal range. The case seems complete.

However, two weeks later, she has new complaints: her right breast swells and hurts. You because of the problems in a clinic in Omaha, U.S. state of Nebraska, and reports of a breast augmentation, the leave five months prior to your Mexico trip had to perform.

The healed incision of the breast SURGERY, however unobtrusive, it delivers no liquid, and the skin is not reddened. But when Scanning, the patient reacts with pain. The Doctors are at a loss: Is there a Problem with the silicone implant? Or, hang your symptoms with the diarrhea disease?

An ultrasound shows that around the implant in the right breast fluid has accumulated. In the left side of the chest, which is not hurts or is swollen, this is not the case.

Abscess in the breast

Probably bacteria in the liquid. The patient therefore receives an antibiotic to kill them. With the drug, the Doctors send the woman back home. Three days later, however, she is again in the clinic, in the right breast has now formed an abscess.

SURGERY now seems the best Option: The Doctors cut open the abscess and suck the collected pus. Then, you remove the implant, the breast, as the Team of Perry Johnson of the University of Nebraska in the in the journal “JPRAS Open” reports.

In the laboratory, a bacteria culture is created from a part of the extracted liquid. Therein Salmonella, the diarrhea pathogen is known to grow. The infection specialists in the hospital is recommended to treat the patient further for 14 days with an antibiotic. The active ingredient is chosen according to the now well-known pathogen.

Although the Doctors can’t say with certainty that the inflammation in the chest was a result of the diarrhea disease. You to take this.

If Salmonella Hiking

Most people take Salmonella via contaminated food. The bacteria then usually for inflammation in the gut, however, you can settle in rarer cases, in the course of the disease, other organs. Presumably, this spread of the pathogen outside the gut and is happening in the patient.

An earlier administration of Antibiotics might have prevented this, and the complications avoided, write to the Doctors in the case report. Whether it occurs more frequent, the establishment of bacteria in a Salmonella-infection, or similar diseases in the space around a breast implant, it was not known to complain.

The patient is advised to undergo a re-breast SURGERY at the earliest in four and a half months.