Packages from China are now dangerous? WHO dispels myths about the Coronavirus

877 Million Search Results. The User will get displayed if you type in the word “Coronavirus” in the search bar of Google and press Enter. Including serious hit as pages of the health authorities. But also a flood of manipulated or falsified information. This for a long time, Criminals have discovered: those Who play with the Fears of people and aware of false reports in circulation, can earn on the net good money. Or, at least, the public debate deftly manipulate for his purposes. On the topic of Coronavirus it is both.


Rush on respiratory protection masks – but you really need them?

A campaign of the world health organisation, WHO, shows how absurd some of the messages that are currently circulating on the net. With the info tiles are the experts in the rooms with myths about the pathogen. The campaign continues where the wrong messages are spread particularly rapidly in the social media. Including the questions: Helps the garlic against the Coronavirus? And: Can I protect myself, by I apply sesame oil on the nose? In both cases, the answer is no. Also, the smoke from fireworks or nasal douching with saline solution does not help against the Virus, says the WHO.

Coronavirus: false reports stir up Fears

The campaign aims to contribute to the false reports to the evidence and as for the reputable education. The outbreak of the pathogen have to be a “massive Infodemie” – a massive Flood of information, lamented the WHO in a message. The flood of information make it difficult, “trusted, and to find reliable sources”. The result is that Many people can no longer distinguish between myths and facts. The Stokes, in turn, Fears that are often unfounded.

For uncertainty, the question is whether it is safe, packages, and letters from China accept for example. The WHO was interested in the topic and came to the conclusion: “Yes, it is safe. Individuals who receive packages from China, are not endangered, with the new Coronavirus to infect. From previous analyses we know that the corona virus survive on objects such as letters or packages for a long time.”

Pathogens need its own vaccine

Existing vaccines would not protect against the pathogen. “The Virus is so new and different that it requires its own vaccine. Researchers are currently trying to develop a vaccine against 2019-nCoV, and WHO supports your efforts.”

In the meantime, WHO advises hygiene measures that everyone can meet and also in the light of the current flu wave in Germany. Includes: regular washing of hands with soap, only in the inside of the elbow coughing and sneezing from people who are obviously ill.

The Coronavirus had occurred at the end of December 2019, the first in the Chinese metropolis of Wuhan, and has spread since then rapidly. The Chinese authorities report now about 16,500 Diseased, 360 people died. In other countries, cases of illness have been reported, albeit at a low level. In Germany, there are ten reported infections with the Coronavirus.

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