Ökotest: Only four sun creams are recommended

A sun cream with a sufficient SPF is a summer essential. Pollutants but I would like to smear no one likes to be a large area of the skin. The magazine Ökotest tested 20 sensitive sun protection products, which are not only high offer light protection, but also particularly kind to the skin should be.

The result of the Ökotester is, however, quite mau: Only three products were awarded the grade “Very good”, another is the grade “Good”. Half of the sun creams was “satisfactory”, six were complete by the pollutant test.

Sun creams in the Test: Three out of four with problematic ingredients

Because the creams for protection against the UV radiation contained UVA and UVB filters sometimes have unwanted side effects. “In almost three-quarters of the sun creams harmful UV-Filter, which are suspected to act as a hormonally stuck. In addition, we find fault with substances, among other things, the use of polyethlyen and/or chemical related (PEG), paraffin, silicones, and other problematic art of glycols,” writes Ökotest. All the same, Allergenic Preservatives or fragrance allergens found the examiners in any of the tested products.

“Very good” from Ökotest only the test candidates, the provider of Eco Cosmetics, Laverana and Dado-Cosmed. The Trio, with prices between 20 and 40 euros per 200 milliliters, however, the more expensive the Test. A cheap Alternative (5 Euro per 200 milliliters) is the “good” rated Ombra-sun cream from Aldi.

The overall disastrous test result is explained in part by the hard test criteria, the testing organisation Ökotest creates pollutants. In the last comparison of the Stiftung Warentest (7/2018) – which is also not just for tab Tests known – had cut 17 of 19 sun protection products as “good” or “very good” (more information here).

The complete test results of Ökotest find you for a fee here