Obesity makes cancer cases rise

A new study shows that the Figures for six out of twelve cancer diseases associated with obesity, increase. More and more younger adults are affected.

Young Americans have glands about twice as high risk for colon, uterine, pancreatic and gall bladder cancer as it had the members of the baby boom of the baby boomers at the same age. For kidney cancer and multiple myeloma, the risk is higher than it was then, as the researchers of the American Cancer Society in the journal “reports The Lancet Public Health”. These types of cancer are associated with obesity. In contrast, the Rates declined in 16 of 18 other cancers not related to obesity.

Obesity has increased in the last 40 years and relates, more and more people already at a young age. This is not only a cosmetic Problem: Obesity is associated with more than a dozen types of cancer and also increases the risk for cardiovascular disease.

A few years ago, the authors of the study had noted an increase of early colorectal cancer, a Trend that has been observed in several high-income countries, where obesity is increasing. They then extended the study to 30 types of cancer, including 12 that are known to contribute to obesity, and examined the Occurrence of age-specific Trends for the years 1995 to 2014.