Not only node: Seven symptoms for breast cancer, you don’t know yet

Nodes the most common signs of breast cancer. However, there are other symptoms that are little known, and women therefore often do not take seriously. Therefore, you should pay particular attention to these physical changes.

  • One of the six women with breast cancer another Symptom as a node in the chest.
  • Often there are changes to the nipple, which can be signs of breast cancer.
  • Also pain in the armpit are one of the more unknown symptoms of breast cancer.

The best-known alarm signal for breast cancer is a node. In fact, a node is in the chest also by far the most common signs, why women go to the doctor and is actually in connection with breast cancer.

However, there are a number of other, largely unknown signs of breast cancer.

Breast cancer Symptom: pain in the armpit and Armprobleme

These symptoms, except the node in the breast breast cancer:

The breast self-palpation

Study with more than 2000 breast cancer patients

This relatively unknown symptoms are not so rare. Concerning 17 percent of all women who develop breast cancer. This is one of the results of a study by the University College London.

Researchers evaluated the data of 2300 women with breast cancer. Study Director Monica Koo: “Our study shows that one out of six women in whom breast cancer is diagnosed, other symptoms than a lump in the breast.”

While in the case of a palpable lump in the breast, most women do not hesitate to go quickly to the doctor, wait for other symptoms, often months, to have the abnormalities, medical advice, warns the researcher.

Change in the nipple is the second most common Symptom

In addition, the study, which was presented at the annual Convention of the National Cancer Research Institute in Liverpool shows occur, how often the different symptoms of breast cancer:

  • Around 80 percent of women have a lump in the breast
  • six to seven percent of each have changes in nipple or breast pain
  • at two percent it comes to skin changes of the breast
  • about one per cent relating to breast inflammation, ulceration and changes in shape of the breast

“Women should know that is not a node, the only Symptom for breast cancer. Any change in the breast should be a cause to go to the doctor and to leave as quickly as possible to check on them,“ says Koo. Especially in the case of breast cancer the chances for cure are very high when the Tumor is discovered at an early stage.