Munich “Tatort” shows the real drug problem: So dangerous patches with Fentanyl are

The Munich “Tatort”-Team tried yesterday evening in the ZDF, a would-be come a drug dealer on the ropes to. He tried to act with pain patches, the brand “Tonatin”. Behind the fictional name is an allusion to a real drug: Fentanyl is hidden. It also calls in Germany every year deaths.

In the ZDF, the film character Mikesch cooked last night pain patches from Seifert to sell contained in the active substance as a drug. In the “crime scene” was the name of the patch manufacturer “Tonatin”, of the active ingredient remained without a name. However, the reference to pain patches containing Fentanyl, clearly. They help people with severe chronic pain.

Once glued, they release the anesthetic substance Fentanyl through the skin into the blood. He seems to be 100 times stronger than morphine. Patients may wear a patch for up to three days to ease their pain. Since 1995, Fentanyl patches are approved in Germany as a medication. Patch with the active substance there is against prescription in the pharmacy.

110 deaths in Germany to 2017

But drug addicts are abusing the patches, from cook and inject the intoxicating substance. Or chewing on the Patches, in order to release the active ingredient. What is the dose that gets into the blood, is completely uncertain.

Too high a dose makes Fentanyl tired, makes it difficult to Think, Talk, and Run, and slows down the breathing and in the worst case, up to a halt, warns the drug Commission of the German medical Profession. An Overdose of Fentanyl can be fatal. 2017 110 people died in Germany due to the consequences.

Fentanyl is 50 times stronger than Heroin

Addicts use Fentanyl as a substitute for Heroin. Because the fabric is easier to get, cheaper and has a 50-times stronger. Anyone who pretends that the doctor is severe pain, comes may quite legally on a prescription for Fentanyl patches.

Others are looking for in the garbage of hospitals according to the old Patches. In which can also get stuck after several days, more than 60 percent of the active ingredient.

Under the name of “China white”, there is Fentanyl in its pure form on the black market – since the early 80s. To the dangerous trend of drug has developed the drug, but only in the last few years. The U.S. drug enforcement administration reported in 2014, about 4500 Fentanyl-Dead. Two years earlier, there were “only” about 600.