Merkel: There is no reason to loosen the rules

“Good day, I rise to my Podcast, this time from the domestic quarantine, therefore, also on the phone. This is a Situation that I share with many people. I greet once again all the Living now and the home office, to connect… When I see today how almost all of them have changed their behaviour completely, as the vast majority of them avoids any unnecessary contact, just because it can also contain a risk of infection, then I would like to say Thank you, from the bottom of my heart thank you…And we will make us be very clear: This can be any one of us. In the higher age more likely, but also far below 60 years, there are terrible histories of this disease. And that’s why I would like to ask you today to once again urge: to Hold you more strictly to these rules. You waive as far as possible to contacts outside the circle of people with whom you live together. And when you are out on the road, keep your distance – at least a year and a half, better two meters…no one today can say with a clear Conscience, he did not know how long this difficult time will continue. I must ask you: Be patient. The daily Numbers of new infections, unfortunately, give us no reason to let up or to loosen the rules.”