Merkel: On private trips over Easter refrain

The German citizens should refrain from traveling and visiting Relatives over the Easter holidays in view of the Coronavirus crisis. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Minister presidents of the Länder agreed to extend the existing output restrictions until after the holidays. The Chancellor said in a telephone press conference. “We must realize that all States uniformly, if not already done, but in the next few days it will happen, the contact restrictions and no-Contact orders until the 19th century., including 19.4., extend or have extended. And so we have a Federal uniform approach. The heads of government of the countries were able to report that the contact restrictions, on the Whole, fairly well observed. I would therefore like to say a thank you to the citizens that they accept these very difficult conditions, to help other people, to save lives in Germany, and to preserve our health care system from an Overload. The Situation is such that although we see slight effects of the measures, but are far from saying that we can change these contact restrictions a little.” For a relaxation of the existing requirements, it was “far too early”. After Easter, the situation would be revalued.