In the first row, it learns better

Not every place in the class room learning: A tübingen study shows for the first time that students hear more from teaching and better learning, if you sit close to the teacher.

In accordance with a common lesson-redeemed students in the front seat of math homework ranks faster and better than the back row. "This suggests that the lesson to be more attentive as those in the last row sitzen", author Friederike flower, which conducts research in the area of school psychology at the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen says.

It is important now to consider how in everyday school life, all children can benefit from the proximity to the teacher. "This could be achieved for example, by the teacher moving throughout the lesson in the class room or the Seating position of pupils during a school year, regularly wechselt", flower says.

In the study of 81 boys and girls from fifth and sixth class took part. By means of virtual reality was created in a typical class situation, the students were immersed, using a VR-glasses. They were randomly distributed on the seats in the front or back row. They also had virtual classmates in the look, which disturbed the class by whispering, or turned around. In the virtual learning situation, the teacher explained a strategy for the solution of a mathematics task. The students should show in a Test if they had understood the content.