Horror Fund on the swab: the true cause of The dizziness of a man

The story of Liam Gomez from the UK Folkestone is in two respects a nightmare: for all those who are afraid of spiders. And for every ear-nose-throat doctor.

As the 27-Year-old reported to the “Daily Mail”, he woke up a few days ago, with pain in the ears and dizziness. He called in sick and decided to cure his Suffering itself – with olive oil. He tipped a Few drops in his ear and went back to sleep. “I could feel a kitzelndes feeling in my left ear, but thought it was just the Oil that does not contain magic,” he writes on Facebook.

When he woke up a few hours later, he could feel the sensation still, but she heard Scratching, a faint and decided the matter with a cotton swab, go to the ground. He stuck the swab in his ear, pulled it back out and discovered that a spider’s leg hung. “That was the Moment I knew: ‘Oh, God, I know what that means””.

Spider in the ear: “Try not to cry”

The next hour he spent in order to pull the spider out of his ear – piece. For him as a Arachnophobiker it was an “absolute nightmare”. On Facebook, he published photos of the action and wrote: “to make it short: I just this fucking eight-legged thing from the ear, and now I’m trying not to cry.”

The 27-Year-old also has a guess where the spider could have come. The night before, he had a spider nest in his hallway. “I can only assume that a has from this Nest over night in my ear – – – perhaps as a kind of revenge Mission,” says the 27-Year-old more.

Unclear is why the 27-went-Year-old with his complaints to an ear, nose and throat doctor. Physician rates from the penetrate of cotton swabs or other objects into the ears to introduce. The rods slide to a earwax against the eardrum can form a stopper. In addition, the hard inner part can hurt the skin of the ear canal or the eardrum. Who is hard of hearing, has pain or suspected that a foreign body in the ear canal, you should immediately consult a doctor.

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