Heart failure: moderate Drinking does not harm

People over 65 years suffer from heart failure, in technical terms, congestive heart failure, can continue to drink moderate amounts of alcohol without endangering their health. They live on average longer than non-drinkers.

After the diagnosis of heart failure, the participants in the study, the alcohol-consuming alcohol in moderation lived, on average, a little over a year longer than people who were not completely on alcohol. "In Maßen" up to seven alcohol meant drinks per week – as a drink 350 milliliters of beer or 180 ml of wine were. The letter from the scientists in the evaluation of the study, which was published online in the JAMA Network Open. The average life expectancy of all participants amounted to the diagnosis of more than seven years.

"My patients in whom heart failure has been diagnosed, often ask me whether they should stop trinken&quot every evening a glass of wine;, the cardiologist Professor David L. Brown says. The new study shows that you can still drink in moderation. Nevertheless, "People who are suffering in the age to congestive heart failure and never had a drink, should not start. Our study suggests, however, that people who have taken prior to the diagnosis of one to two alcoholic drinks, this can continue, without causing a damage. This decision should, however, always in consultation with their Doctors werden&quot taken;, so Brown.

The scientists from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have had data of the "Cardiovascular Health Study" evaluated, carried out from 1989 to 1993, and 5.888 adults included. 393 of them diseased within a period of nine years, to congestive heart failure.