Hand washing protects against infections – these are the five steps you should know

Doorknobs, light switches, telephone handsets: In the course of a day we touch with our hands countless items. All this leaves traces. In the best case harmless – such as dust, fibers and dirt particles. Others can make the mind sick, viruses include, but also bacteria.

The pathogens are on the hands, you will have an easy game: We RUB our eyes, touch us in the face and carry the pathogen, so subconsciously on the mucous membranes, from where they in the body can penetrate. Colds, flu, but also in the stomach are the intestines-transmitted diseases, often on the hands. They are considered to be the main gate of entry for infections of all kinds. And not only that, but the infection can occur in both directions: We put ourselves through germs on the hands, but also infect other people if we ourselves are ill. Since it’s enough to cough in the hands, and to shake after hardworking hands.

Thorough washing of hands takes time

Washing your hands protects you in both cases, by pathogen, are easily washed down the drain. At least in theory. The measure seems simple, but with a simple Lather and Rinse it is not done. Five steps must be at least, so that the hand-washing also can be used as a thoroughly apply, it says on the Website of the Federal centre for health education (BZgA).

These five steps should be:

Unlike many people believe, is to wash the hands with very hot water not very effective, but stretched the skin unnecessarily. “The water temperature has no influence on the reduction of micro-organisms,” writes the BZgA. “Much more important is the duration of the hand washing and the degree of the friction while Soaping the hands.” Everyone could choose for themselves a pleasant water temperature.

The Special Case Of Disinfection Of Hands

Regular and thorough washing of hands is usually sufficient to of infection prevent. A proper disinfection of hands is only in exceptional cases – for example, after contact with Sick or if people with weakened immune systems live in the household. Also when Entering and Leaving a hospital should always be in the hands disinfected.

Source: Federal centre for health education (BZgA)

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