'Gorilla Glue Girl' Had to Have Surgery to Remove the Glue From Her Hair—and You Have to See the Video


Just like accidents happen, so do miracles. You may remember Tessica Brown (aka TikTok user @im_d_ollady), as the woman who used Gorilla Glue Adhesive Spray to style her hair ("bad, bad, bad idea"). Now, thanks to Michael Obeng, MD, a California-based plastic surgeon, Brown was not only able to remove the glue, but also save what was left of her own hair.

Brown, 40, reportedly flew into Los Angeles from Louisiana to have the $12,500 procedure, offered by Dr. Obeng for free, and it took only 4 hours, as reported by TMZ. Brown previously attempted to remove the glue with nail polish remover and sterile water provided by the emergency room she went to initially, after washing her hair 15 times.

So how did Dr. Obeng remove the glue? "Medical grade adhesive remover that we use in the operating room… aloe vera and olive oil mixture, and then we add a little acetone," he explained to TMZ.

He also demonstrated on a model head covered with afro-textured hair and Gorilla Glue how he crafted the solution to break down polyurethane, the main ingredient in the Gorilla Glue adhesive. "Any compound can be broken down," explains Dr. Obeng, who has a background in chemistry.

When Health first reported on Brown's ordeal, experts recommended a range of products to remove the glue: rubbing alcohol and water, acetone nail polish remover, and various types of oils.

Brown was under light anesthesia for the procedure. She reportedly reached for her hair as soon as doctors were finished, and realized she could finally run her fingers through her previously glued-down hair again.

Dr. Obeng noted that Brown had a lot of scalp irritation from the glue, particularly around the perimeter of her scalp. "The hair was very tough, and very very matted down, and would not lift up," Dr. Obeng said to TMZ. "She is very lucky she did not sustain a lot of injuries to her scalp."

It seems Gorilla Glue is also relieved that Brown was able to remove the adhesive from her hair, per TMZ. "We are glad that Miss Brown was able to be treated and we hope that she is doing well," a rep told the outlet.

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