Federal government provides EUR 50 million for holidaymakers return action

Heiko Maas (SPD), foreign Minister: “We will do everything to help the Thousands of German travelers who are stranded abroad, in the next few days, a return to Germany. This is a concerted return action, we want to allow the tourists, the currently sit in the most affected areas, to return home. We need to prevent in addition, that more German travelers in foreign beaches. For this reason, we have decided to warn you from now on, in front of all the tourist traveling abroad. Please stay home! This helps you and others. This travel warning for tourist trips in the world. We have to assume that global passenger traffic will decline for the foreseeable future to a very low level. Therefore, thousands of German tourists are stranded currently in the world. To help you, has the Federal government decided to provide up to 50 million Euro for a return action. The Foreign office has agreed yesterday with commercial flight providers, in a unique programme, we get back first of all, in the course of the next few days German package tourists from particularly affected areas. To Morocco, the Dominican Republic, the Philippines, Egypt and the Maldives are Mainly, first.”