Expert asks: Who is speaking of organ donation, to resist, to self-must wait longer for organs

In the debate in order to more organ donations in Germany, the Chairman of the German society for health Economics, Robert Nuscheler has proposed a penalty rules. “Who speaks of a donation, this will set if he needed a body, further back on the waiting list,” he said of the editors ‘ network-Germany in an Interview. It is not see “why people are not willing to donate organs, should have the same chances of an Organ as a potential donor”. New incentives should be set for an organ donation.

On Wednesday, the health Committee of the Federal deals tags in a hearing with fundamental questions of organ donation. Several of the invited organizations and initiatives, in comments for a “double contradiction solution” looking for a group of Members to the Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU). Accordingly, all of Full age shall be considered to be an organ donor. You should be able to say to this, but later, no. In contrast, the two large churches turn to, among other things.

Organ donation: Better advice on patient dispositions necessary

Patients, activists call for better advice to patients orders. These are now widely used and have a major impact in organ donation, said the management Board of the German Foundation for patient protection, Eugen Brysch, the German press Agency. The majority of people use orders to limit treatment.

“You want to die naturally and therefore intensive therapy in different disease situations.” Those who reject this, exclude but also organ donation, said Brysch. “This Problem is most people are not aware of, although they face of organ donation in principle, positive.”

Many patients orders showed that, in practice, in spite of the many information is often not successful, such a contradiction in the Text to resolve. “It therefore needs a comprehensive and personal advice,” urged Brysch. You must designate Pro and Contra, and individual questions and Fears. “It is crucial that such a discussion does not prejudge the outcome.”

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