Eckart von Hirschhausen reveals his seven best anti-Stress strategies

1. Take breaks and sleep

Children always want to stay awake. Young people make a night of it. Is a grown-up you then, if you know what a luxury it is to sleep. To go voluntarily to bed early. Or to go to a Party, if it really is the most beautiful, and not three hours later. Although long sleep in the Morning isn’t my thing. Each Jeck is different. What I think is really high, is to learn to take a Siesta: From Spain to learn is to lie. And if there are only ten minutes. It is for the recovery also does not significantly, if it was completely “gone” or just dozed. The main thing is that time in the afternoon, time for a short mental break. I have three existential auxiliaries: a cosy sleep mask, good headphones that minimize outside noise (Noise canceling means, the modern) and anything that serves as a pillow, a Sweater, or a neck pillow sausage. Then it still needs an alarm clock, for longer than 20 minutes should not be a break, otherwise you will slip into deep sleep and is more likely to be muddy then as a fresher. It is clear to me that I disposition’m self-employed much more free in my time than other occupational groups. Break times are mandatory in all trades. And progressive companies have nothing against employees who maintain good. Because to spend half-awake in the afternoon with coffee, Chat and biscuits, brings to anybody.

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2. Move!

A book that brings this idea to the point, wrote the American stress researcher Robert Sapolsky: “Why Zebras don’t get migraines” (Piper Verlag). A Zebra has really Stress, if a lion is after him. And we can ask ourselves in the stress of the situation: is it Worth the Stress at all? We live in a modern time, with a body that dates back to the stone age, and responds to situations of danger is still with flight instincts. The good news: saber-toothed tiger have become rare. If you have Stress, you turn around. There is a life dangerous animal? Maybe it’s only a printer cartridge that is stuck and give us the last nerve robbed. There Are No Natural Predators. Helps me then is best to go around the Block. Fresh air, short “work-out”, maybe in Go, a love of people to call. And if that’s not possible with the Go, hopping I on the spot and imagine, how the Stress falls on me. What also helps: Someone taps you on the shoulder or the back. I learned that HELPS to HEAL from the Clowns of my Foundation, “HUMOR”, the tow, after a morning in the children’s clinic is a lot of emotional stress. Then the each other the “dust” of the shoulders, deliberately placing the “professional clothes to knock” and normal clothes and then go with less load home. In the seminars for nurses we share these tips also. To take these breaks before and after the service, to be aware of in the Situation to go in and then out again. And to take three breaths before you open a door to a patient room. A breath to let go of what was before. A, comes to letting go of what is in the next room. And a to now to be there for this meeting with someone who has been waiting all day to. To me, it helps. Give it a try!

3. Say no

A friend of mine, a Trainer and Coach, Jens Corssen, has to pack the gift, psychological things in simple sentences. His course Of “self-developer” has helped me a lot to understand each Situation as a “training unit”, I Mature and learn. What can I improve with age than in the past, is to be rejected, to make things clear and decided. Jens says: “Stress arises when you say Yes, but no thinking.” He’s right. To do things grudgingly, with the handbrake on and artificially raised the mouth, Stress is angles. In order to do anyone a Favor. I can’t please everyone, I’m not a Nutella jar. And I can’t change that some people don’t find it stupid, arrogant or beside it, if I fulfill their desires.

4. Say Yes

To Make Sense. Also by Jens, the “bed edges exercise”: dates in the morning on the edge of the bed ask: What am I today? And I’ll add it like: “And if you can’t think of one, please stay!” In fact, it is very exhausting, for you and all that get to do with a if you are running in a bad mood around, and lie would have remained. All the more enjoyable Yes men are “” in dealing. People who know what they want, and this also can say. The higher meaning in life suggest and like to help without having to take yourself to important. Because you have opted in. Each and every day.

5. Improvise love!

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With the art of living-philosophers Wilhelm Schmid and I have talked a lot about “luck”, because we wrote the same time to books, with different accents. One of his thoughts that accompany me ever since, is the simple realization that the everyday life brings a lot of Everyday with it, maybe even 80 percent of the time. The exaggerated search for happiness and perfection makes us unhappy. To stay open to the things that we had never planned or wanted, but the way they are, requires a high level of mental discipline that comes just in the Stress as the First loss. However, I know from decades of experience on the stage, that the biggest laughs, and never planned, but spontaneous moments, in which I put myself into the audience and, therefore, deliberately misleading, to the Unpredictable. But the more you improvise, the more secure you will in the sense that it doesn’t have to be all the Yellow from the Egg, what comes then. People respect the courage of this Situation. My Pianist Christoph Reuter makes as a jazz musician, is also a principle. I call him a spectator’s birthday, from the numbers, he makes a random Sequence of notes, and these often completely discordant melody, he makes a spontaneous piece. Every evening new. If you think now: “What does that have to do with my life?” – the whole life is improvised, not predictable, always: “I make the Best of it”. Or have you lived before? No one knows what is coming. And the more we lose the fear, and the more we as children of the New and Unexpected embrace, the less it causes us Stress.

6. Here and Now

“Mindfulness” sounds so pompous. It can help incredibly, since where one goes straight and is to take three deep breaths. There are a few medical advice apply to all people. “Breathe” is one that is almost always applicable. I use the conscious, since I have a course in “MBSR – Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction” in the United States have made, in the case of the pioneers of this movement, even before 15 years. In the meantime the is nothing Esoteric more. The idea of Stress in mind to better perceive and reinterpret, arrived in Germany and the center of the society. Health insurance companies pay for or support courses, there are you to many Places and also as a CD, App, or book. Even if the core of the method is the same, it needs a teacher that can well, or in the case of the online courses is a voice that one gladly follows. Who wants some went deeper, I can recommend the book by Georg Lolos: “You are what you think” (Arcana publishing house, 240 p., 16 euros). I like his practical way, to ask again and again: What am I thinking? That’s right, anyway? This is convenient to believe, or it could be otherwise? As always, it is a Practice, constantly I fall in my pattern and am annoyed more than I should. And: It’s fun, to look through and laugh about it. Which brings us to the last point:

7. Humor

Karl Valentin was a master of humor: “When it rains, I am happy. Because if I am, it is raining, also!” As one learns through the practice of mindfulness, to observe his thoughts, to smile about and to let the unnecessary drag, so a sense of Humor works very well as a quick distancing from the Stress. Sounds easier said than done. And it needs more of a nudge game from the outside. The fact that I’m often late because I’m packing and travel times forget my own day, much to, in principle, in the planning, as if I could fly from appointment A to appointment B, I need to watch out for the resulting Stress is all around me the guilt. Earlier break helps. And so I came the other day, puffing at the ticket counter, had missed the train, and because the employee took a red nose from the bag and said to my face: “I once heard from someone that the Humor in stressful situations helps!” Since not only my nose but my whole face was red, and then we had to laugh both of you. The woman had seen my stage program. And because I tell them every night and offer to the public for a donation, a red clown nose as a reminder. Well, I’ve distributed throughout the country – then you can remind me also of my messages, if I forget – in the short term – out of sheer Stress.

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