Depression prior to the start of menopause are not uncommon

With the decrease of hormone production in menopause, women are susceptible to a number of mental health problems. A high proportion of them suffers from depression. In a new study in the journal "Menopause" it was confirmed the frequent Occurrence and the most important risk factors identified.

In a study of 485 Turkish women between the ages of 35 and 78 years after Menopause showed that 41 percent of the participants suffered from symptoms of Depression. Among the factors that were most closely associated with a Depression in the Menopause, widowed to, or separation from the spouse, alcohol consumption, continuous use of drugs, physical disability, a doctor diagnosed mental illness and a number of four or more children.

"The results of this study with Turkish women after the Menopause are consistent with the existing literature and the high prevalence of stress depressive symptoms in middle-aged women, especially in women with depression or anxiety social factors such as severe stressful life events, conditions, previous history of chronic diseases, and psycho. Women and Doctors who take care of you, you must be aware that the Transition into the menopause is a Phase of the Mood of darstellt", summed up Dr. Stephanie Faubion, Medical Director of the North American Menopause society.