Artificially sweetened drinks do not save calories

Children and young people who drink low-calorie sweetened drinks, taking in a total of 200 calories more per day than those who drink water. They took about as many calories as children and adolescents who consumed sugary drinks. The findings of a recent study from the United States.

Children and young people who drank low-calorie sweetened drinks, took only about 200 calories more in comparison to water drinkers, but also more added sugar. The bottom line was, it doesn’t matter whether you sweetened a low-calorie or sugar-containing drinks consumed, because there is no difference in daily calories were observed to feed. The most calories took the children and young people, the drinking, both low-calorie as well as sugar-containing soft drinks.

"These results on the usefulness of diet or low-calorie sweetened beverages in question, if it Reduce the calories and weight management geht", Allison C. Sylvetsky, assistant Professor of exercise and nutritional Sciences at the George Washington University, said. The results suggest that water is the best choice for children and young people. As a healthy Alternative to sugary sodas and diet drinks Sylvetsky advises the use of fruit mineral water with a splash of juice, or water flavored with a few pieces of fruit.

Earlier Sylvetsky and her colleagues had observed that children and young people to drinks frequently low-calorie sweeteners in diet, but also in a variety of foods and Snacks to consume. In the study, by 2017, they had found that the consumption of low-calorie sweeteners has increased in this age group from 1999 to 2012 to 200 percent. Whether sweeteners affect the total energy consumption and helpful for weight control, however, was unclear.