Again and again, inflammation of the bladder, – the trigger is transmitted during Sex

A bladder infection is painful and bothersome, but antibiotics can you sell. At least temporarily. Because often the infection flares up again a short time later. Researchers have discovered the cause for why the bacteria to strike again so soon.

For some women, bladder infections belong to almost everyday. Hardly a painful infection of the urinary bladder is survived, by unpleasant can Drag noticeable in the water again. A good explanation physicians had not previously.

During Sex bacteria migrate into the bladder

It is clear that for urinary tract infections mainly E. coli bacteria from the bowel are responsible. Favored by the female anatomy, the germs easily get into the bladder. This happens due to the wrong restroom Hygiene, but also during Sex. To bladder inflammation occurs when the immune system with the bacterial load is finished. Antibiotics can then help quickly.