After Corona-cases in North Rhine-Westphalia: the chain of Infection break

PROF. DR. DIETER WHILE the University hospital of DÜSSELDORF (“The husband was or is seriously ill, has a severe pneumonia is mechanical ventilation required. But, the good news is, he has not deteriorated over night, but it is more of a Trend can be observed for the Good. The wife is also ill. She also has a lung infection and fever, but not the severity, we know from the man. Overall, I think you have to be very grateful and pleased that the efforts of the government, the thing to curb, to find the contact persons to check the work very well.”) KARL-JOSEF LAUMANN, Minister of HEALTH of North Rhine-Westphalia (“what makes this case difficult is That there are two people, you could say, two weeks in the life of society have participated in, where the Virus was already developed so far that they were able to infect people. And that’s why there are different problem areas that we have looked since yesterday for us also, to people who came up with these two people in contact, in order to ensure that the chains of Infection as far as it goes, only to be interrupted.”) STEPHAN PUSCH, LANDRAT KREIS HEINSBERG (“for example, We have closed also doctor’s offices, had visited the Sick in the district of Heinsberg, just the topic of the hospital was raised, also because the people who were in contact with have been isolated, in the hospital itself. We take the further precautions first, of a General nature, the topic of prevention. Although we do not answer directly to the contact persons, but we must also try to generally avoid chains of Infection preventive. Part of this is that we have now closed until Monday including all schools and kindergartens in the district of Heinsberg.”)