About 50 percent more chemotherapy until 2040

According to estimates, the number of patients in need per year, initial treatment with chemotherapy is expected to increase by 2040, worldwide, 53 percent of 9.8 million (2018) to 15 million. The largest increase will probably cause the three most common types of cancer lung, breast and colon cancer.

In 2018, a 9.8 of the 17 million new cancer patients worldwide being treated with chemotherapy. The authors of the study, published in the journal The Lancet Oncology, predict that by 2040 it will rise to 26 million new cases of cancer annually. Then, every year, cases are expected to be 5.2 million more cancer chemotherapy be treated as 2018.

"The increasing global burden of Cancer is undoubtedly one of the greatest health crises of the present. It strategies are urgently needed to meet the staff auszurüsten&quot in health care worldwide for the treatment of current and future patients;, Dr. Brooke Wilson of the University of New South Wales says.

The authors estimate that by 2040, the lungs are the most common types of cancer that require chemotherapy, breast and colon cancer. Dr Melina Arnold from the International Agency for research on cancer in France says: "The full potential of this global potential prediction study, it would be useful, the cost and strategies for the expansion of health services for optimal patient management estimate, not only for chemotherapy, but for the entire cancer treatment."