Abdominal massage application and instructions

Abdominal massage

A belly massage can have a beneficial effect. It relaxes the muscles, as flatulence, stimulates blood circulation and ensures that the organs in the abdominal cavity oxygen to get. In addition, it relieves pain during the period, helps against Stress and improves digestion.

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The most important facts

  • A stomach massage is not only the Spa, but also can be used to relieve minor severe pain.
  • It helps against bloating, constipation and digestive problems and promotes blood circulation as well as oxygen intake.
  • Many of the abdominal pain caused by Strain of the muscles of the abdominal wall. This can be by Massaging the abdomen good relieve.
  • Abdominal massage is done without or with only gentle pressure. An exception is the colon massage at the irritable bowel syndrome. Here it comes, at certain points even pressure to build up.

Against flatulence and constipation

Digestion is a complex process and all the complex processes are vulnerable to interference. Complaints in the biochemistry of the stomach or of the intestine will interfere similarly, the digestion, such as hard-to-digest food, for example, contains a lot of fat. A healthy stomach has to deliver-intestinal tract high performance – and he does not always. Typical symptoms of digestive problems are:

  • Bloating,
  • Hardening of the abdominal wall,
  • Constipation,
  • Diarrhea
  • and heartburn.

Chronic gastro-intestinal diseases require medical treatment. A belly massage can be complementary. Problems with digestion due to an unhealthy diet, too much fat, sugar, and alcohol, just disappear, if you a balanced feed. But in the case of acute complaints, the Massage of the abdomen works well – for example, if you casually said, overeating.

Against which complaints it helps to massage the belly?

Massage of the abdomen helps:

  • Bloating: The Massage relaxes the abdominal muscles and the accumulated gases can escape easily. The relaxation also helps with certain pain in the abdomen which is caused by tight belly muscles.
  • lack of blood circulation: The Massage promotes the blood circulation and so more oxygen and more nutrients can get into the abdominal cavity.
  • emotional Stress.
  • As a rule, pain that often occur along with cramps in the abdomen.
  • some of the back pain.
  • Constipation: Massaging stimulates the movements of the intestines, the digested food is transported and blockages dissolved. Massage of the abdomen will stimulate the nerve connections in the gut.
  • Abdominal pain associated with irritable bowel syndrome.
  • A baby belly massages not only help against bloating, they also increase the well-being and promote physical development.

The Stomach-Intestine-Massage

In order to stimulate the intestine, you should about 15 minutes before using the toilet the abdominal wall, massaging with circular movements. The importance of a quiet atmosphere. The intestine is blocked during Stress. In addition, you should see a long and deep inhale and exhale. Especially the belly breathing is called for. It acts on the intestines similar to the Massage, because the organs to slip in a deep Inhalation down a little, in the direction of the pool.

A quarter of an hour time you need to give the intestine. If you are impatient, place in front of the Massage is a relaxation exercise to your favorite relaxation method.

How is a classic abdominal massage?

For a belly massage, you lie down and you create the previously quiet environment. Then breathe in and circling surfaces without great pressure with both the hand on the abdominal wall. You always start with the right Hand. The right Hand circles counter-clockwise, the left in the other direction. Both circles in the direction of the head.

First, place both hands on the bare abdomen, with the thumbs at the navel and the fingers in the direction of the pubic bone. With the right Hand she circles now three minutes over the abdomen, and then let it back on the skin to rest. Then drag the circles with the left Hand, also three minutes. After that, they circle with both hands. In contrast to a shoulder massage, you put little to no pressure. This will not take another three minutes.

After you back the right Hand so far down that the thumb touches the navel, and the small Finger the pubis. The Left lead to the upper abdomen, let you but in contact with the skin. Then you circle back with both palms on the skin. Repeat this movement about ten times, then swap the positions of the hands and circles again ten times. Now move the hands to the left or right of the belly edge, and to stop the Massage.

Massage neither with intense pressure to quickly, then you might be the opposite of a relaxation to reach – the abdomen is tense.

The Kolonmassage

In the case of the Kolonmassage it, in contrast to the “normal” abdominal massage, pressure up to five points. The colon is the middle part of the colon and the massage pressure, the muscle is stimulated.

It is not a Massage for a rather non-specific complaints of the digestive system, but a special technique for the pain of irritable bowel syndrome, which creates a vegetative balance in the lower abdomen. But it also stimulates digestion and helps against constipation.

Usually physical therapists perform this Massage. You can also make it yourself, but only after a professional guide. To the corresponding five points of the large intestine practice with two fingers in a circular motion of pressure from gentle. You have severe pain or an acute inflammation? Then this method is suitable only if a specialist deems it safe. The effect of the Massage against the irritable bowel pain strengthen by binding warm wrap around the belly and/or a warm foot bath.

Baby bellies massage

The touch of the skin relaxes the Baby and causes the release of the feel-good hormones. Massages are also a good way to lull the Little one in the bedroom. Regular massages promote the formation of Myelin, a protein that connects the nerve fibers with the muscles, and also serve as the physical development of the child. The physical touch have a positive effect on the attention and curiosity of the child; Massage to stimulate digestion, promote the blood circulation and support a deeper Breathe. As in adults, the Massaging of the baby’s stomach-it helps that flatulence can escape.

The German society for Baby and children’s massage offers courses, in which parents the massage techniques. Here, very briefly, the Essential. Baby massage should only be done with gentle pressure, in a warm room, where the child feels comfortable. The Baby should be healthy and not tired, and, above all, the touch of want. Do not massage when the Baby has just drunk or eaten. Use them for Massage oils such as Olive, almond or Jojoba oil and wash the excess Oil in warm bathing water from – thereby you reinforce the effect of the Massage.
Place the Baby on the changing table or on a soft blanket. Warm the Oil on your palms before you spread it on the baby belly. Place the hands flat on the abdomen of the child, swipe about ten times from the sternum to the upper arms. Then you move one Hand diagonally from the torso up to the bar several times on each side.

In the case of bloating and abdominal pain you have to swipe with the flat of the Hand to the navel, first in small, then in larger circles. The baby’s legs should be slightly bent, as a result, the belly is relaxed the ceiling. Place both thumbs on the right and left of the navel of the baby, pull you to the sides. Then move the left Hand on the left side of the belly to the chest. The right Hand now to the right side of the belly, and follows the course of the intestine. Pay attention to the reaction of the baby: If it is not like the Massage, cries, or cries, stop this.

In the end, you place one Hand under the chest and swipe from there to over the belly. Now repeat the same movement with the other Hand and then again with the first Hand. Repeat this process several times.

Abdominal massage for menstrual pain

To relieve pain you massage clockwise around the navel. Well warmed Oils with chamomile, fennel or juniper. The relaxes the muscles. The Massage works even better if you support it with heat. In addition, a Massage helps often on the lower back, because a lot of women tense up unconsciously during their period the the muscles. Unsuitable for control of pain massage, work with cold. (Dr. Utz Anhalt)