A very, very, very stressful Situation: an expert describes the possible quarantine follow

For days, thousands of people are trapped because of the Coronavirus on the cruise ship “Diamond Princess” – this can be for the Psyche and very stressful. “You can assume that this is part of currently a very, very, very stressful Situation,” said Florian Stoeck, emergency psychologist at the Bremen police, the German press Agency. However, one could not say the same for all people – the Sense of such a Situation is very subjective.

The “Diamond Princess” is set in Yokohama, Japan, under quarantine, about 3,600 passengers and crew members are not allowed to leave. Up to Thursday morning was at more than 210 pass the Virus Sars act demonstrated-CoV-2. How many there actually are, is unknown. The quarantine is still valid at least up to the 19th century. February. People with proven infections are brought into hospitals.

Perseverance in cabins without window

Many passengers have to endure in the inside cabins without a window or balcony. This deprivation of sensory stimuli, and contacts can be highly stressful, said Stoeck. Experts speak of Deprivation. From research is known that such Isolation can lead to a longer period of time, severe damage to, in extreme cases, even death.


For a week under quarantine Situation on "Diamond Princess" coming to a head

The people on the “Diamond Princess” it was a great deal of uncertainty. “How dangerous is the overall situation? I may be sick, too?” The questions, the passengers and crew members probably said the psychologist. Also, if your life is at risk. In addition, presumably, ask about the return trip would be changes that may be necessary Flight and resulting financial Worries people deal with.

Psychologists on the ground could well help, especially with conversations. It is important to ensure transparency and raise awareness of how dangerous the Situation actually is. For acute problems, such as panic attacks due to claustrophobia common solution approaches could be developed. Among other things, through breathing exercises and distraction strategies which people could be supported.

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