A little appreciation and protection for the patient: So hard-care bill with your industry

Once-a-year care of a fever is measured. “Care”, in Germany more than two million people, the care in the hospital, in the nursing home, and outpatient us. They provide for the Young and the Old, for chronic and acutely Ill, shift work, need endurance and good nerves – and produce daily humanity. Your fever thermometer, this is the “Care climate Index”: every year for it to be representative of the people, the work, occupations in nursing, according to the opinion and mood interviewed. On the German Day, which is today in Berlin to the end, the results will be published. And they are not good:

Those familiar with the everyday life of the public health and elderly care, is not surprised about it. All others should share the Concerns of the service providers to the bed – because of Germany, birth of the strongest vintages in the 1960s, to the world to come, are approaching the age at which you helping hands more frequently need. Doctors, caregivers, chronically Ill, you will have to confirm all of: Professional nursing is a decisive factor on whether a treatment is unsuccessful. Whether loneliness can be endured. And self-employment. Carers contribute millions of unpaid hours of work, without it nothing goes, and the services of the care insurance not to weigh your commitment. But you need professionals at your side, in order to self-create the everyday life.

The Federal government, the Nursing, represented by the Secretary of state Andreas West coat house, admits: In the past month, almost 40,000 jobs in the care were not occupied. Only 25 applicants for every 100 Vacancies. However, the coalition is surprised that their efforts in this area – the Minister of health, Jens Spahn, has made the care of the chief thing – not would still be appreciated. Finally, it should be only on 1. January 2019 entered into a private “care staff, strengthening law” (PpSG). And indeed, the act brings some improvements. Only that many of them are simply corrections of former certainties and absurdities of the German health crazy and social policy.

Example: whenever the nursing staff fare increases to ride in the first place and his profession so attractive was the reliable response of hospitals to eliminate and reduce your costs immediately. The care in the case-System the DRG involved were expected to cost. For many years, it is known that this settlement type, in which each treatment has a fixed price, which leads to incentives to part grotesque false: The hospitals are full with patients who do not need to be there, but the numbers of bolts on the economically most profitable levels. The care was drawn in this cost optimization-spiral brutal. This happened seeing eye and will correct it now, 15 years after the introduction of the flat rate, by the cost of care separately, will be charged.

Cardiac Catheterization-Place? Rather then five Carers do

Franz Wagner, the President of the German nursing Council is therefore right when he says: “We achieve with the existing resources and structures to obvious mediocre to poor quality in the perception of the respondents. The approach to increase efficiency and to achieve cost damping due to competition, has achieved the opposite.” Experts, if you attach not radical market ideologies, to confirm the. International comparative studies: Germany in the care of old and sick people to the level equal to his prosperity. Therefore, it must be done in the next few years more: It can help us set up for the benefit of all, simple example, much more, five nurses set instead of a Tomography or cardiac catheterization. Machine, care-robots, to the the completely obsolete in Japan, are sexier than people, the attention, professionalism and dedication to the sick beds. The Older of us know. The Younger ones will experience it.


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