6 Sex Positions To Try In Every Room Of The House

With 70 percent of Australians* saying sex helps to reduce levels of anxiety, it’s time to discover, sexual wellness brand, Lovehoney’s list of six sex positions to try in every room of the house.

Each tip is designed to help you stay connected with your partner and relieve stress, as well as add some variety into your sex life. Trust us when we say, you will never look at your kitchen worktops or dining room table in the same way again. 


Position: Bathtub Rodeo

How to do it: Have your partner sit down on the edge of the bathtub, using it like a chair. Then, sit on top of him with your back to him and get into the rhythm of things. For heightened pleasure, play with your clitoris (or you can use a clitoral stimulator).

Why the bathroom: There’s ample opportunity to get down and dirty in the bathroom and you can really take your sexploration to new heights. Plus, the best part is you can take the fun to the shower and finish off your hot and steamy session there. 


Position: Counting on You

How to do it: Pull yourself up onto the worktop, preferably in a corner where two counters meet. Get your partner to stand in front of you between your legs and face you. Open the cabinet door and rest your foot on it for balance, then hold on tight (to the counter top) for the ride of your life. 

Why the kitchen: With plenty of surfaces, the kitchen is a prime location for sex with your sous-chef. Just don’t get too worn out, you’ll need to antibac all the surfaces after!  


Position: Table Top

How to do it: Lie on your back on the table with your legs dangling over the edge. Get your partner to sit on a chair facing you and have them perform oral sex.

Why the dining room: Beds are out, tabletops are in. The dining room is top of the list because once you’ve finished your main course, you can enjoy a fully satisfying dessert that’ll leave you wanting seconds. The washing up can definitely wait until later.


Position: Alternative Wheelbarrow 

How to do it: Get your partner to sit on the couch whilst you lie down on your front with your forearms on the floor, face down. Lean on your strengthened palms with your legs wrapped around their waist. 

Why the living room: Why not the living room?! It’s the perfect place to enjoy some Netflix and chill and let one thing lead to another. There are lots of different positions you can try on a comfy couch, so take a break from the bed and enjoy exploring them together.

THE POOL (if you’re lucky enough to own your own pool)

Position: The Pool Hug 

How to do it: For this position, have your partner sit on the pool steps with their legs slightly spread. Face your partner and straddle them with one leg either side, holding on their shoulders for support. Keep your knees bent and rest them on the steps, then move up and down.

Why the pool: Perfect for thrill-seekers who like to live on the edge, the pool is great for getting some fresh outside air in your lungs if you’ve been cooped up inside all day… just make sure your pool isn’t overlooked. Forget the pool floats, throw in a waterproof toy for added pleasure. Top tip: try early in the morning or late at night.


Position: From Behind

How to do it: Build intensity from different rooms and give your partner control by using a remote control vibrator to get you both in the mood until you both can’t bear to be apart. Then, get on all fours, and have your partner kneel behind you, with his upper body straight up or slightly bent over you for the ultimate deep penetration. Use furniture like chairs and desks for additional support.

Why the bedroom: Save the boudoir to last. Who said the bedroom has to be boring? Spice things up even more by introducing a bit of role-playing (you could even opt for a sexy costume). With all the exciting activity going on, you’ll be ready to relax and crash straight out in bed afterwards. 

*Lovehoney Sexual Happiness survey, 2019

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