These Potty Training Must-Haves Will Save Your Sanity

Ah, potty training. The very words invoke a sense of impending dread. And here’s a fun fact most parents learn the hard way: Even if your kid is pee trained, it doesn’t mean they’re poop trained. And even if they’re great at the potty in the morning, the chances of that wearing off by naptime? Pretty strong. Yup. If you’re considering just keeping your little one in diapers until they’re old enough to reason with, you’re not alone. But don’t panic. Instead, help potty training become second-nature with these lifesaving items.

After all, there are so many methods of potty training, from the “they-just-won’t-wear-pants-for-five-days” method to the “everyone-holes-up-in-the-bathroom-with-2-gallons-of-juice” tactic (what, you don’t know that one?). However you decide to pursue getting your tot to wee in the toilet, the entire experience can be made so much more tolerable for you and your kiddo with a few key buys. Because really, if you walk out of this with your sanity intact, it’s a win, right?

Whether or not you go through an entire bag of M&M’s as bribery and still wake up the next day to find little Isabella has used your closet as a choice spot to relieve herself, we feel your pain. And we salute you.

Kids urinal

This tiny frog-shaped urinal for little guys teaches them the art of peeing while standing up and has a fun whirly target for them to aim at to keep focused (and hopefully prevent them from getting their pee everywhere but where it’s supposed to be).

Kids urinal, $9.99 at Amazon

Portable potty training seat


If your kiddo is fine with their small toilet at home, but as soon as you go out into the real world is personally offended by all normal-size toilets, this is the seat for you. It’s the most adorable place to put your butt, it folds down to a perfectly portable seat you can slip into your purse, and its frog shape — apparently the poor frog seems to be the chosen animal of potty training — is adorable (and nonthreatening).

Portable potty training seat, $10.44 at Amazon

Emergency potty


If your baby peed before you left the house but as soon as you’re in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the interstate has to go again, these emergency mini-potties provide relief. Just please don’t confuse them with the sippy cup.

Emergency potty, $8.95 at Amazon

Waterproof car seat liner

In case even the emergency potty wasn’t quick enough, this waterproof car seat liner will save you the hassle of having to take apart your kids soaked car seat and wash all the various parts before putting it back together — and hoping that one fabric closure that’s now missing was unimportant.

Waterproof car seat liner, $12.39 at Amazon

Color-changing potty light

To make nighttime bathroom trips more enticing, hook this color-changing toilet light under your toilet lid and voilà: a rave while you pee. This has 16 different colors to choose from and is motion-activated so your tot can easily see the bowl.

Color-changing potty light, $10.77 at Amazon

Top seat toilet seat



Sick of trying to balance or attach a kid-size toilet seat over your bigger one? This top seat toilet seat solves that problem and then some, with a smaller toilet seat that simply folds down on top of the normal-size seat. No slipping, sliding or fear your kid will end up with a soggy bum and an aversion to toilets.

Top seat toilet seat, $ 49.99 at Amazon

Potty training seat with step stool

Kids are tiny, and they need a leg up to get them cozy on their porcelain throne. This all-in-one kids potty seat and stepladder also has handles for the easiest access.

Potty training seat with step stool, $31.85 at Amazon

Mighty Monkey waterproof mattress liner

While potty training, making it through the night staying dry is an epic ordeal. To cut out having to change their sheets a couple of times a night, toss this Mighty Monkey waterproof mattress liner over their bed, and it won’t be a problem anymore. Plus, this sheet is perfect for traveling or just spending the night away from home. So maybe get a few.

Mighty Monkey waterproof mattress liner, $19.29 at Amazon

Touchless toilet flusher


It’s magic. OK, its not, but believe us. Your kids’ minds will be blown when the toilet flushes with just a wave of their hand. It might even make them want to go just so they can watch it magically flush away without touching a thing. *Fingers crossed*

Touchless toilet flusher, $57.99 at Amazon


These pajamas, aside from being quite cleverly named, are made from a super-absorbent fabric that holds up to 15 times its weight in liquid so you don’t have to worry about stained sheets or mattresses. Plus, they’re very cozy and comfortable, so even when your kid is completely potty trained, you can go on using them.

 Urine-absorbing pajamas (top and bottom set), $39.99 at Peejamas

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