These Bodacious Baby Names Will Help You Celebrate The '80s… Without Stirrup Pants

The 80s were a strange time. From neon and nylon to spandex, shoulder pads and teased hair, we made some questionable decisions, but we also made some good ones. ‘80s movies were life-changing and groundbreaking. Shows like Hill Street Blues and Cheers made an indelible mark on silver-screen storytelling, and music was in a transitional period. In short, it was a good, bad and influential era — one which is making a comeback, particularly in the youngest members of our society.

Pamela Redmond Satran, the CEO of Nameberry, tells SheKnows she expects ’80s-inspired names will soon see a resurgence. “I expect that 80s pop culture names will get more popular now that people born in the ’80s are having babies, provided those names DIDN’T get popular in the 80s and 90s.”

So whether you are looking for a way to honor your youth or simply want to celebrate the best (and arguably worst) decade in recent history, look no further than these ’80s-inspired baby names. From Madonna and Cyndi to Kurt, Woody, Winnie and Bruce, these names are sure to garner comments, compliments and a few nostalgic nods.

Bodacious Baby Names, Inspired by Books, TV & Movies:

Gnarly Baby Names, Inspired by Actors, Athletes, Musicians & Other Celebs:

Righteous & Radical Baby Names Which We Want To See Comeback:

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