Mother and Baby died in the delivery room, but the father can not finish with the tragedy

In Kulmbach, Klinikum occurred shortly before Christmas in 2018, a Drama in the delivery room. The mother of Regina and her Baby Ferdinand died shortly after birth. Meanwhile, a report by the legal medicine. It tries to explain, what is not to comprehend. The father can not accept it: is Still the question of what this 8 torments the father. December is really in the delivery room happened.

Grief and anger: "You have shit gebaut"

It’s Robby the glove is difficult to handle the blow of fate. "Not until all doubt is cleared up what that day in the hospital ist&quot happens;, he says in an interview with the Frankish day. Anger mixes in with his grief. "You fucked up and you should be straight." Would have prevented the death of his wife and his son? He wants a proof that this was not possible. And for this, he prefers, if necessary, in court.

Together tragic circumstances: the mother and Baby meet at the Klinikum Kulmbach bled to death

The opinion of the legal medical Institute in Erlangen speaks of a "Central Regulationsversagen". Translated, this means: the mother and child are bleeding out. The child died, therefore, because there was a blood traffic jam in the brain. Internal bleeding can also be the cause for the death of the 33-year-old mother, were few hours after the birth – an extraordinary meeting of tragic circumstances, they say.

Expert opinion: hospital-Doctors not to blame – but the case is not yet complete

The opinion of Erlangen speaks free Doctors and hospital of any blame for the tragic Events, says the chief Prosecutor in Bayreuth, Herbert Potzel, our editorial staff. For the father, this is, of course, no consolation. Robby’s glove, of the opinion, according to his own words from the press, can’t understand the result.

The Prosecutor’s office has yet to be given a second independent opinion. This is part of a Routine in such investigations. The result of this second opinion is still: "But for sure two weeks dauern", so Potzel.

Robby glove befell meanwhile, the next Shoe to drop: "Starting in March I will sein&quot my Job los;. Now he would like to see a psychologist. Give up is not of the question for him: life had him shaken many times before, he had made wrong decisions, was "on the snout gefallen", but he doesn’t let it get you down. Before the tragedy in the delivery room, it had gone well: The anticipation of his imminent fatherhood would have made him happy.